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BOTNATION is a team of experienced people in complex digital solutions for both web and mobile internationally. The team is based in Paris and Nantes, France.

Emmanuel Françoise


Jonathan Chemouny

Sales Director

Dolores Bidet

Customer Success Manager

Léo Liénard

Technical Director

Julien Jeanroy-Bertrand

Project Director

Katherine Zymla

Administrative and Financial Director

Cédric Lukic

Bot Developer

Régis Leboeuf



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About us

BOTNATION AI allows you create smart chatbots that have an immediate impact on your business.

Every day BOTNATION AI processes millions of messages.

BOTNATION AI is incubated at Uplike which relies on technology, algorithms and language processing, all of which have been developed internally.

Always going further

Our vision

BOTNATION AI allows you to create chatbots that are more intelligent and which provide a genuine advantage for brands by helping with client acquisition, getting the brand name out there, providing a service and/or adding new features.

BOTNATION AI relies on unique marketing features to provide conversational experiences that are both personalised and high-performing.

BOTNATION AI has developed its own Artificial Intelligence (AI) module and its own machine learning algorithms.

BOTNATION AI’s ambition is to become a key player in the chatbot space globally by helping businesses and influencers create intelligent and efficient chatbots.

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Developed by smart human power in Paris and Nantes, France.