How to share the test page with others?

Have my chatbot tested

You cannot share the test links for privacy reasons. Only the owner of the bot can test it on our temporary pages, it’s convenient!

However, in order for other people to test your chatbot, there are solutions:

  • You can share a bot with other Botnation users to, for example, edit it together. The guest user will have the right to test it himself, but beware, also to edit it. To do this, go to the advanced settings, then “invite a person”. Creating an account on Botnation is easy and free.
  • If you really want to test it to a person who is not a Botnation user, then you have to publish it on one of your Facebook pages, which can be a non-public page, or a non-public part of your site for a web chatbot.

– Activate Botnation’s collaborative mode
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