Statistics of your Chatbot

Analysis and stats of the number of users of a chatbot

1. Where to find your Chatbot’s statistics?

Your chatbot’s statistics are available in many places on your chatbot’s Botnation interface:

  • From the dashboard under the title of your chatbot :
  • On your offers page to choose an offer in adequacy with your chatbot
  • Directly in the build interface of your chatbot, you will find usage statistics with the number of times the element has been seen, the number of times it has been clicked and the percentage comparing the two
  • And finally on the statistical analysis tool totally dedicated to this use, which is permanently available in the design and maintenance interface of your chatbot.

2. The “Analitics” tab of your Chatbot

You will find the statistics of your Chatbot by clicking on the “Analitics” menu in the menu bar at the top of the interface. It is represented by a curve.

You will then have access to many indicators:

  • Key figures of your Chatbot (Current month compared to previous month)

– The total number of users
– The total number of messages exchanged
– Average number of new users per day
– The average number of unanswered messages per day

  • Evolution of the number of unique users (per day / week / month / year)
  • Evolution of the number of new users (per day / week / month / year)
  • Evolution of the number of unanswered messages (per day / week / month / year)
  • Top 10 most used sequences
  • Top 10 most clicked buttons
  • Top 10 exit sequences
  • The cloud of Artificial Intelligence queries (by day / week / month / year)
  • Evolution of the number of incoming and outgoing messages (per day / week / month / year)
  • Evolution of your tracking statistics (by day / week / month / year)
  • Graph of your user’s path

Note that the statistics are exportable in Excel format and in PDF at the bottom of the general statistics page.

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