ChatGPT comes to the iPhone: a revolution in artificial intelligence

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After a resounding success on the chatbot market and numerous applications generating several million in revenue, ChatGPT from OpenAI is finally coming to Apple smartphones. This new step marks a turning point for artificial intelligence, which is becoming more and more popular with the general public.

A warm welcome on the App Store

Apple’s application download platform welcomes ChatGPT to its App Store, allowing iPhone users to take advantage of this revolutionary artificial intelligence technology. If no official deployment has been announced yet for Android, it will be soon.

The iPhone compatible with ChatGPT

  • iPhone 6s and later models
  • iPhone SE (1st generation) and later models
  • All iPhone 12 and 13 models

When will ChatGPT be available on the Google Play Store?

Although the exact date has not yet been announced, it is highly likely that ChatGPT will be coming to the Google Play Store in the next few months, making the technology even more accessible to Android smartphone users.

Limited use at Apple

Despite the excitement around Chat GPT, Apple has decided to restrict the use of this technology to its employees, fearing that confidential information could be leaked through these artificial intelligence tools. This radical decision is in line with the policy of data protection and secrecy that surrounds the projects of the firm of Cupertino.

Data protection, a major concern

Other companies, such as banks and healthcare institutions, have also banned the use of ChatGPT, sharing the same concerns as Apple about protecting sensitive and confidential data.

A widespread craze for artificial intelligence chatbots

The dazzling development of artificial intelligence raises as much enthusiasm as it does questions. Recent advances in chatbots, such as TruthGPT, Google Bard, or OpenAI with ChatGPT, demonstrate the growing interest in AI-based technologies. While some are concerned about the potentially harmful consequences of these innovations, others see them as a hope for improving our daily lives.

Possible applications of ChatGPT

  • Writing and automatic correction of texts
  • Virtual assistance for daily tasks
  • Decision-making and problem-solving support
  • Training of machine learning models
  • Creation of multimedia content

Conclusion: a promising future for ChatGPT and artificial intelligence

The deployment of ChatGPT on the iPhone marks another important step in the evolution of artificial intelligence, democratizing this technology for the general public. While some companies remain cautious about its use due to data protection concerns, there is no denying that ChatGPT and AI-based chatbots have a promising future, both commercially and in terms of improving our daily lives.

Amandine Carpentier

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