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Chatbot for website, instagram, wordpress, whatsapp and Facebook Messenger
Chatbot for website, instagram, wordpress, whatsapp and Facebook Messenger
Optimize your chatbot with CHATGPT & Dall-e
Have your chatbot respond by ChatGPT in a few clicks. Optimize A/B Testing using text variations created by ChatGPT. Generate your chatbot images with DALL-E.

Create a chatbot in a few minutes

From a template or by following our tutorials, it's quick with Botnation. Without a line of code, drag & drop, copy / paste, collaborative mode, real-time testing: our platform is simple and powerful at the same time.

Connect it to your CRM, your API, etc.

Connect your chatbot to the tools you already use thanks to our plugins and connectors. Save the data gleaned by the bot in your CRM and use the data from your API in your chatbot.
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Analyze and manage in real time

Create funnels, place your KPIs and AB test your content. Follow the recommendations of our algorithm. All the tools are there to monitor, analyze and help you develop your chatbot.
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News & Testimonials

Botnation wins the Innovation Award

Botnation wins the Innovation Award

In October, Botnation was invited to the French “Cas d’Or” (golden cases) ceremony dedicated to Modern Selling. The ceremony took place at the prestigious Aéro-Club de France and was hosted
Relieve customer service to focus on the essentials : Castex’s best practices

Relieve customer service to focus on the essentials : Castex’s best practices

When you fall asleep at night and put your head on your pillow, you are probably 1000 miles away from imagining all the technology that swarms under your ears… And
The challenge of media.monks for Mini

The challenge of media.monks for Mini

After a first project realized in 2021 for the car manufacturer Mini, within the framework of a lead generation, we were contacted a second time by the German brand and
Chatbot design agency in Paris and Rennes, France.


available as templates on our platform, all our models are explained interactively and include numerous comments.

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Chatbot design agency in Paris and Rennes, France.

In the press & the media

video Botnation EFTV

Interview with Emmanuel Françoise, co-founder of Botnation AI


Saperlipopette! Chatbots are popular!

Le monde informatique

47% of French Internet users want chatbots on shopping sites


Interview with BFM TV

La tribune

Chatbots make humans more efficient


Easily create a bot for Messenger or a website

Siècle digital

Facebook Messenger introduces chatbot appointment scheduling

Jai un pote dans la com

What do consumers (really) think of chatbots?

Premium Live-Chat

For optimal customer service, a combination of chatbot and advisors is ideal. Botnation offers an all-in-one solution with its connected and augmented live-chat module:
  • smooth handover between the bot and human agents
  • management of several advisers
  • exchange of notes between advisers
  • WYSIWYG interface
  • detailed user files with all the information captured by the bot live
Le livechat de Botnation pour prendre la main sur la discussion


NO CODE | Used by agencies | Used by large accounts | Used by SMEs | Rewarded with many awards | Powerful | Ergonomic | Without a line of code | Connected to your CRM and API | Multi-Channel | Marketing Oriented | GDPR compliant

Botnation guides you:

Online help: 300 tutorials and videos

How it works? Find the answer among the 300 articles and videos of our online help in French and English. We also organize webinars.
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Experts available in live chat

Our experts are there to answer all your questions. We provide live chat customer support in English and French.

Training tailored to your needs

To master the basics or discover the most advanced techniques, train yourself to become a pro of our platform and join our partnership program.
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Secure & Strong

Technology developed in-house, independent of all GAFAM services.

Servers located in Europe

Scalable and redundant infrastructure certified PCI-DSS and ISO 27001


Web-Bots by Botnation

Our proprietary solution:
  • entièrement personnalisable graphiquement pour correspondre à votre charte graphique
  • peut être déclenchée contextuellement (Ex: lorsque le client est sur la page livraison du site, le Bot propose de l’aider avec une FAQ sur ce sujet)
  • interactive with the site or the Mobile App (Ex: choice of a product on the bot which automatically fills the basket on the site)
  • versatile and responsive: works in a chat window, in full screen (Landing Page) and in an i-frame
a Chatbot on your website

About chatbots...

Pricing FAQs

  • What is a chatbot? Definition

    A chatbot is a discussion robot programmed to converse with a human in an automated way via a chat.

    Chatbots are very present on the internet, and it is almost certain that you have already come across one without knowing ! It is a software programmed to maintain a conversation with a human. This discussion can be written or oral, giving the user the impression of exchanging with another individual.

    If you've ever seen a small chat appear when you open a website, with a question "how can I help you?" then you have met a chatbot!

    When used more extensively, the chatbot combines artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP or TLN). It is then more efficient, but also more greedy in server resources.

    Here again, you have already come across them: Siri from the Apple brand and Alexa from the Amazon group are none other than voice chatbots! ChatGPT or Google Bard, text chatbots! Botnation chatbots, marketing discussion robots at the service of your business needs!

    For the record, the first chatbot that was born was the robot ELIZA, created by Joseph Weizenbaum between 1964 and 1966.

  • How do chatbots work?

    The simplest chatbots, like those used for FAQs, run on TLN or NLP processing, with very little machine learning (ML). The answers given are generated automatically and conventionally, and are mainly used to help and guide the user in order to respond quickly to his requests. These chatbots can for example be programmed to detect trigger words present in user inputs: order tracking, delivery, etc.

    Predictive chatbots, which are better known as virtual or digital assistants, work by understanding TLN or NLP and ML. These software perform an analysis in order to personalize their outputs, which then correspond to the behavior and profiles of users. Over time, this virtual assistant can make recommendations and, for example, anticipate the future needs or requests of the individual.

  • What is the use of a chatbot?

    The chatbot is useful for responding instantly and accurately to users' questions. When the user is on a merchant site and interacts with this bot, customer support is freed up, phone lines are less busy and responses are faster. A computer program that makes everyone a winner!

    For shy people who do not always dare to contact certain platforms by email or telephone, the chatbot is also particularly appreciated here rather than contacting the after-sales service.

    The information obtained by the chatbot can help customers place orders, which also serves the interests of the company.

  • What are the different types of chatbots?

    There are actually two types of chatbots. The first are the so-called simple or basic bots, which we often come across on different websites. These usually work in the form of questions, such as FAQ where the answer we are looking for is displayed after checking several boxes.

    Intelligent, or evolved, bots are more complex and incorporate NLP or TLN. The question asked by the user can then be written or formulated orally, while he will receive an answer also written or pronounced orally, by the software. Many people use this type of chatbot on a daily basis.

  • What are the benefits of a chatbot for businesses?

    Using a chatbot helps to optimize operational efficiency, responding instantly to user requests and avoiding overloading customer support. The questions asked by individuals are recorded, companies can then anticipate these and provide new answers on their website, for example. Tutorials, a more advanced FAQ, or even a guided tour, can be added and make the customer's visit easier!

    But the conversational agent is not only useful for after-sales service: it can also allow you to make more sales by resolving the obstacles to purchase by answering your customers' questions. 24/7 users.

    A marketing chatbot can also allow you to capture more leads, being a real dynamic alternative to classic forms.

    The chatbot can also offer a similar product when an individual launches a search and the desired service is no longer available. For commercial companies, it is an excellent process to optimize sales, and this, in a few clicks!

    Botnation chatbots are versatile. No matter what industry your business is in, you can easily create and configure a bot that is useful for your business.

  • What are the benefits of a chatbot for users?

    Falling on a chatbot is always appreciable, when we are a little lost on an application, a website, when we are looking for a particular product, etc. Rather than leaving our screen to type our request elsewhere, this computer program immediately responds to our request and allows us to save time.

    Because it responds to us in a dynamic way, the chatbot also gives us the impression of exchanging with a human, which makes our internet browsing more pleasant. The user experience is energized, improved.

    The chatbot can be installed where your customers usually go:

    • On your website
    • On Facebook
    • On WhatsApp

    So the user can choose where to have information about your business. There is a notion of proximity to your customer and their habits.

    The customer or prospect can get an answer to his questions instantly, without having to wait for the availability of a human. This can quickly remove barriers to purchase.

    According to a study carried out by Botnation, 59% of consumers appreciate being able to ask their questions to a chatbot. 89% like to have a quick answer to their questions.

    The chatbot is therefore able to improve the customer experience. Having a successful customer relationship with your brand will move the person up the customer satisfaction ladder, which can improve conversion rate and purchase repeat.

  • How to create a chatbot?

    To create a conversational agent, there are 2 main solutions:

    1. Use the skills of an expert agency in the field

    You can use specialized chatbot creation agencies, such as Botnation.

    Be aware that several possibilities are available to you regarding the choice of your Botnation plan.

    There is a free plan that allows you to configure and test your chatbot. You can indeed easily configure your Botnation conversational agent yourself according to your needs, and this, without having to code!

    You can also entrust this realization to a our IT specialists if needed. Whatever your need for chatbot configuration or development, contact us!

    2. Develop your own chatbot

    You can also decide to program a chatbot yourself, without the help of an expert agency. You will surely be able, with experienced developers, to create a simple chatbot in Python or PHP for example. Be aware, however, that creating a successful chatbot is not an easy thing. Developing your own chatbot can therefore cost you a lot in time and/or money.

    At Botnation, we have been developing chatbots for years. Our teams of developers are experts in this specialized field. We can adapt our chatbots to your needs. We can also program a chatbot for you with tailor-made features. Contact us now to find out more.