The benefits of a Facebook Messenger chatbot

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Chatbots have become a vital part of any online business model. Whether it is for your website or any of your social media platforms, having a chatbot will greatly benefit your company’s online presence.

Think about it for a moment, what is the main component missing when it comes to online shopping, services or even communicating via emails? The lack of real-time communication; the simulation of talking to somebody face to face.

Live chat and real time communication are something that every online business or shop needs. When used properly; the edge it gives your business is a huge advantage that you do not want to be missing out on. And, when it comes to social media pages for your business, it is no different! You want to make sure you are using the best Facebook Messenger chatbot technology you can get your hands on.

Why you need a Facebook Messenger Bot

Social media is arguably a great and fantastic thing. And Facebook is perhaps the biggest giant of them all! Facebook boasts an incredible 2.7 billion monthly active users for their site and has long been the first and only social media network to boast these kinds of numbers.

Businesses all over the world have taken to Facebook and other social media sites to promote, share and offer their business and services online. You might be asking: “But Facebook has live instant messaging” which is basically the same as real-time communication, so why do I need some sort of Facebook Messenger bot?”

Yes, you are correct. Facebook does indeed offer live instant messaging. And it’s Facebook Messenger. And unless you have somebody to deal with your incoming chats 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; you WILL have downtime where customers are trying to reach out to you and there is nobody there to reply or help them out. This is where your Chatbot Facebook Assistant comes into play.

Don’t have the human manpower to intercept customers and visitors’ questions and queries? No problem. Facebook Messenger bots do not need to sleep. Chatbot Facebook Assistants do not need a break. They are there for you and your clients and customers; 24/7.

How does a Chatbot Facebook assistant work and what can it do?

Right off the bat, all chatbots (including your Chatbot Facebook Assistant) are there to help simulate and replicate live chats in real time. That means, even if you don’t have the time yourself, or another human staff to be there; your Facebook Messenger bot will be there to assist and help answer your customers questions; as well as help guide and point them towards whatever it is they may be looking for.

Because of this ability to be instant help and assistance; it means that your automated Facebook helper can offer its services to your potential customers 24/7. The other fantastic part of using Facebook Messenger chatbots is that because they are working 24/7, if you are not at the computer or your phone when a customer initiates conversation with your chatbot; you can jump in and take over at any time. There is really nothing to lose from using Chatbot Facebook Assistants!

Besides the typical usage of simulating real time communication and live chats, Facebook Messenger bots offer other utilities and assistance also. Many of these can be considered “long-term benefits” that you will get from using your chatbot.

Let me break those down for you:

  • Chatbot assistants are great at collecting client information
  • Help filter out frequently asked questions from visitors and customers
  • Cut down operation costs in the long run
  • Help your business or service be up and running virtually 24/7
  • Redirect customers and guests to certain parts of your social media page or even your website.
  • Chatbot on Facebook means no slow loading
  • Collecting Information

You can see from the brief breakdown that Facebook Messenger bots offer so much utility for your business’s social page. If you have been trying to find ways to collect client information? Use Chatbots! Conversions are key to a successful business and information is king when it comes to figuring out how to convert visitors into customers. Let the chatbots help you in this endeavor. Even better, this information that is collected from your visitors and customers can be exported into spreadsheets for easier access and data gathering. No more clunky manual data information exchanges – let the chatbots AI do all the heavy lifting for you.

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Filter out frequently asked questions:
All businesses fall into the pit of repeatedly answering the same questions over and over again. Save you, your staff as well as your clients hours of time by setting up and configuring your chatbot to answer these FAQs with efficiency and ease.

Cut operation costs by up to 30% across the board:
Depending on the scope of your chatbot needs, and how much use you can get from your Chatbot Facebook Assistant, studies have shown that with the proper use of chatbots, you can cut operation costs by up to 30%. When properly configured and set up; your chatbot is more than capable of handling up to a massive 80% of all your visitors and customer inquiries.

Bots do not sleep!
If you need 24/7 customer response services, then chatbots are the way to go.

Social Media Redirects:
Your website might be the most beautiful and most informational site to have ever existed, with awesome looking photos and easy to access information throughout. However; there is no denying the fact that many potential customers can stumble upon your services via social media platforms. Facebook just may not cut it when it comes to showcasing your services and/or products; that is where chatbots can help, by redirecting and pointing your visitors and customers towards the direction you want them to be facing.

Speed is reliant on Facebook and the users own internet speed:
One of the concerns that many users have when it comes to having Free Chatbots on their own website or WordPress site is the fear of the chatbot slowing down the entire site. However, with Facebook Messenger bots, you don’t have that worry! The loading will be entirely on Facebook and your visitor/customers own internet speed. One less thing for you to worry about.

With all that being said, let me make you aware of some of the more pressing concerns that people typically tend to have when it comes to implementing a chatbot. The main concern is already handled, and that is the fear of Chatbots slowing down their site. With Facebook Messenger bots, that will not be a problem.

The next concern might be that some people can find chatbots a little annoying. Some shun the thought of having to talk to a computer AI. However, with the right set up and triggers; a lot of that can be countered with a nice interactive presentation(buttons, quick replies, images, videos, etc.). And if that is still not enough, at the very least you can implement a transfer function that will instantly notify you of a customer that wishes to speak to a human. Quick, simple and efficient.

Getting the best from your chatbots AI

The usefulness of chatbots go even deeper. Whether it is your Facebook Messenger bot or a chatbot for free for your website; you can teach your chatbots to better interpret what your customers are asking for thanks to Natural Language Processing (NLP). Help it to get smarter!

And do not worry about differences in people’s sentence structures. Most chatbots can learn these differences and are quite dynamic when it comes to responding to visitors and customers. And the more time it spends talking to visitors and customers, as well as the more you configure and fine tune it; your chatbot can only improve and become more efficient.

All it takes is some tender loving and care. Proper configuration and set up of your chatbots will make sure that they go a long way with plenty to learn. Help it to help you! In order to get proper configuration, there are guides and we can help assist you in getting the absolute best out of your chatbots AI.


Now of course, the easiest way to ensure that no problems ever occur is to ensure you use the best chatbot creation platform available. And that is where Botnation can help: We offer the best chatbot for Facebook Messenger creation platform and for other channels as well.

Focusing on adaptability, efficiency, optimized performance and ease-of-use; Botnation ensures that everything is done to simplify the creation and use of your chatbot. The main benefit of our services is that you create your own chatbot to do what you want and need it to do.

Supporting all the benefits I have listed earlier; Botnation takes all the best features and ensures you have the optimal experience you can get with a chatbot. Featuring a super easy install and implementation on your Facebook Page; a few clicks and your chatbot is available for all your fans.

And the features get deeper. Whether it is deep and advanced trigger responses and AI learning, or simplified automated tasks, having the best chatbot can really make a difference. Your chatbot has collected client and visitor information, great. You know what’s better? Botnation can then import all of that for you into a spreadsheet. Perfect to make the data accessible and easy to manipulate.

Don’t wait, set up your chatbot today

It is no secret that technological advances are a boon when it comes to our daily conveniences. Chatbots are just that and more. Due to its AI learning capabilities and, with some maintenance, care and solid configuration and set ups; you can be sure to see your chatbot is working and flourishing as time goes by.

Do not wait too long, set up your chatbot today and let’s get chatting.