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first steps

Use a template to create a chatbot

We provide free templates to create your chatbot

These tools can be used as the basis to get quickly started and understand how BOTNATION.AI works.

We add new templates regularly. There are some templates corresponding to all situations, for instance, real estate agencies, template for restaurant, dating sites, a quiz, etc.

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How to test your bot

You’d like to test your chatbot prior to publishing it? Here’s how to proceed!

Once you have finished creating your Bot you can test it by clicking on the button "Send to messenger" then "Test my bot" at the top right of your page.

If you have a web Bot, you just have to click on "test" and it would open the Botnation preview.

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Publish your Facebook Messenger chatbot

Are you ready to connect your bot to your Facebook page?

1 - Click on the "Enable" button, located in the upper right corner of the dashboard, to publish your chatbot.

2- Select the page on which you want to connect the chatbot and then click on the button "Activate".

3- Congratulations! Your chatbot is now available to everyone!

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Go further with your chatbot

Make Your Chatbot Even Smarter with NLP, Keyword And Phrase Management

p>Teach your chatbot which words and phrases to be answered.

To a greater extent, the "AI" module provides a complete view of all the keywords and phrases used by your chatbot' sequences. This module allows to add, delete and search for keywords and phrases, including those not obtained by importing lists.

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Get To Know Everything There Is About Variables

This powerful tool will dynamically customize your chatbot and collect data.

A variable is a textual symbol – in the form such as this – which associates a value with a symbol. This value can be either a text or a number (such as an address, a vehicle model, a phone number, or a quantity).

This value is dynamic. It can therefore change as many times as desired, depending on the use of your bot.

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Send notifications to your users

No more email alerts or notifications across different apps. Send them directly to Facebook Messenger.

Thanks to the module "Push notifications", you can send a message to groups of users according to the filters set up. Of course, you can only target people who have used your chatbot. In addition, you can schedule your notifications and restart them at the desired times and times. Here are the steps to create a notification.

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Advanced features

Native climbing module built into your chatbot Facebook Messenger.

Many of you tell us that chatbots are great for helping you improve your business and your customers' satisfaction on a daily basis. However, you know that a chatbot sometimes needs a little human boost on very sensitive or very high value requests. The transfer function of a chatbot to a human is there for that!

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Import and Export Google Sheets data into your chatbot

Botnation AI offers 3 elements to integrate into your sequences to access your Google Sheets file:

1 - Backing up data to Google Sheets

2 - Recovering data from Google Sheets

3 - Generating a carousel from your Google Sheets data

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Webhook - Import and Export data

API JSON : How to import and export data automatically!

The Webhook element allows you to import or export data to any external system: your own Webhook, Zapier, IFTTT or any other system that responds to the HTTP protocol.

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