The Botnation Affiliation
a win-win strategy!

You recommend Botnation to your contacts, in exchange Botnation rewards you financially. We pay you 25% of the amount of subscriptions subscribed by your referrals so you generate a regular passive income composed of your commissions, while taking advantage of the reputation and quality of service of Botnation.
Botnation : Affiliate and Referral Program

1. Invite your contacts
Invite your contacts to discover Botnation by communicating your unique referral link or by using our tool or our banners.
2. They subscribe to Botnation
Your contacts register and subscribe to an online Botnation offer.
3. Receive your Commissions
Receive your monthly commissions in €, 25% of the subscription amount, directly by check or bank transfer.

You can share your referral link by email, on social media, on your blog or website, in forums and even offline.

Everything is automated, each month your prospects subscribed to Botnation generate your commissions.

You receive 25% for LIFE commission on the subscriptions of your referrals as long as they use Botnation.

Your payments are sent monthly.

The more affiliates you have, the more your monthly income increases ...
...limitless !

Example : who subscribe to the offer for , you win : 5