Create a chatbot automatically with Botnation’s SMART AI

Create your personalized AI in just a few clicks from your data.

In this article, we’ll explain the steps you need to take to create a chatbot automatically from your data in just a few minutes.

You’ll see how simple it is: just upload a simple CSV file and Botnation’s Smart AI takes care of everything. In just a few clicks, your chatbot will respond to your users with the power of Generative AI’s natural language recognition on the unique basis of your data.

1. Where to start?

On your dashboard, choose which channel you want to create the chatbot on (Messenger or Web ChatBot) by clicking on the corresponding tab.


This will open the SMART AI chatbot creation wizard.

2. SMART AI Chatbot creation wizard


The first step shows you what a chatbot created by SMART AI can do:

  • Answer users’ questions about your business
  • Find one or more products that match the user’s search criteria
  • Find one or more documents that match the user’s search criteria

To start the process, click on the“CREATE MY CHATBOT” button.

Type of chatbot

It’s a matter of choosing what the chatbot will do based on your data.

There are 3 main types:
– That it responds to users’ questions with two options: either the AI will base itself solely on the answer, or the AI will base itself on the question and the answer.
– Display products matching the user’s search criteria
– Whether it proposes a technical document, notice, …

Make your choice, then click on the“NEXT STEP” button.

Upload data file

Depending on your previous choice, you’ll see a different screen.

This is where you send your data. The accepted file format is CSV, a standard spreadsheet format such as Excel and Google Sheets.
To help you, we’ve provided a sample file for you to download, as well asan empty template for you to fill in yourself.

Clicking on the“UPLOAD CSV FILE” button will open your computer’s file explorer, where you can select your CSV.

The file will then open in the interface of the next step.

Data selection

This screen too depends on the type of chatbot you’ve selected.

This is where you match the columns in your CSV file to the type of data to be processed by SMART AI.

To do this, make your choice from the drop-down menu above each column.


Don’t forget to check which line you want to start treatment from.

The wizard will automatically indicate the number of credits required to process the data.

Buying credits

If you don’t have enough credits, the assistant will suggest you buy some.
Then click on the“BUY CREDITS” button.
This will open a window overlaying our credit purchase offers.

Credits are required for the creation of the chatbot with SMART AI, but also for each addition to the database and each query made by users.
If you don’t, your users will no longer be able to search using your chatbot. But don’t worry, your chatbot won’t stop all of a sudden: you’ll always be notified by email when your number of credits is critical.

Now that you have enough credits, simply press the“NEXT STEP” button.

Chatbot customization

At this stage you will be able to customize the main elements of your chatbot:

  • Chatbot name,
  • Chatbot avatar (for web chatbots),
  • The CAD welcome message is the first message received by the user,
  • The CAD default message is the message sent by the Chatbot when it is unable to respond.

Finally, click on the“CREATE MY CHATBOT” button to let the SMART AI magic begin.

3. Your chatbot in the Botnation interface

You’re now in Botnation’s chatbot builder interface with your chatbot ready for testing.

For more details on the various SMART AI options in the build interface, see the second paragraph of the following article: Automatically add personalized AI to your chatbot with Botnation’s SMART AI

Chatbot test

Simply click on the“Test” button in the top right-hand corner to open a new tab in your browser with the test screen in the case of a web chatbot, or a new tab with a test page on Messenger.

If you’ve created a web chatbot, you can further customize your chatbot (colors, shape of buttons and dialog window, etc.) by going to your bot’s parameters.

See the article How do I customize my web chatbot?

Publication of the chatbot

When you’re satisfied with your tests, you can publish your chatbot. To do this, you’ll need to take out a subscription.

Our offers are adapted to the volume of unique conversations per month of your chatbot: see our offers

To publish your chatbot-web on your site, you need to be able to add javascript (automatically created by Botnation) to the pages on which you want the chatbot to appear. In the case of a WordPress site, Botnation provides you with a dedicated plugin.

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To publish your Messenger chatbot, you need to be the administrator of the Facebook page to which it will be attached.
See article : Publish your Facebook Messenger chatbot

And voila, as promised, in just a few minutes, you have an operational chatbot with AI customized from your data thanks to SMART AI from Botnation.

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