How many chatbots can I create on my account?

Will monthly billing be affected?

Some of you may need to create several chatbots for your projects. For example, you’re an agency managing chatbots for different customers. Good news: there’s no limit. Botnation AI lets you multiply projects and create as many as you need. More good news: billing will not be affected!

We remind you that billing is based on the number of monthly users, not on the number of chatbots! Demonstration by the absurd: if you create 1000 chatbots, each with 1 unique user, that’s 1000 users, which fits into the basic package at €29 per month.

Nevertheless, before you create more projects than you need, be aware that you can plug the same chatbot into several sites or Facebook pages 😉. This facilitates day-to-day work (modification, editing, management, etc.).

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