5 examples of the usefulness of a chatbot in a company (internal and external)


Any company that wants to be efficient is constantly looking for tools that allow it to optimize its tasks. With the rise of artificial intelligence, everything seems to be made easier in many areas. Moreover, the chatbot is one of those indispensable tools, especially in the digital age, allowing companies to respond favorably to the needs of its customers and users. What is a chatbot? When can it be used in a company?

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a software robot or a computer program, designed to deliver a precise answer, to accomplish a given task according to well defined parameters. Simply put, a chatbot is a bot programmed to chat with visitors of a platform. The first chatbots were virtual agents that most often used a human avatar.

Chatbots range from the most basic to the most complex. A basic chatbot answers questions from individuals or customers according to a well-defined response path. Complex chatbots are parameterized thanks to artificialintelligence. They are able to “analyze”, “evolve” and “understand” as a human being could.

The implementation of a chatbot is nowadays greatly facilitated by several platforms, such as Botnation. Opting for this programmed bot is therefore easy and beneficial for companies. The advantages of chatbots are numerous in the sense of customer satisfaction. Let’s now look at some examples of chatbots use cases.

5 use cases of a chatbot in a company

Used wisely, chatbots can have a real impact on the performance of a company. A programmed bot can, for example, facilitate the relationship and communication between the company and its customers.

Human resources

Within a company, human resources is one of the departments that can strongly benefit from the help of a chatbot. An enterprise chatbot will be able to help the Human Resources (HR) department to manage some of its tasks. Of course, this does not include any replacement of staff, but it will help to lighten the load on the staff. Thus, low-value requests can be left to the chatbot.

For example, the chatbot could answer the recurring question: “How do I take my vacations? This is a recurring issue in the Human Resources department. Companies that opt for this programmed bot will have enormous advantages in managing their staff.

Customer information

In all companies, customer satisfaction is one of the main objectives. This includes providing adequate responses to user and customer requests and inquiries. For this, finding a tool (robot) capable of performing this function in place of a human is a nice alternative. In this sense, the quality of service will be improved.

Indeed, a chatbot can be used as an interlocutor with a customer of the company. The programmed bot can answer a set of questions from customers or users. This function is not limited to the geographical location and nationality of the customer, since the chatbot can answer in any language.

When the request is basic, the chatbot can answer it easily. If it is more complicated, the chatbot has two choices. He can either answer the request if he is able to, or refer the customer to the corresponding customer service. This saves a lot of time for all parties involved, both for the company and for the customers.

The chatbot then becomes a relay point and a tool for institutional communication. For example, it could answer the question: “Where are your products made? Finding immediate answers to queries will make it easier for users and customers to access the company’s services.

Call center support

Call center support

Companies that have a call center will greatly appreciate the help of a chatbot. An intelligent enterprise chatbot is the perfect assistant for call center service. Indeed, the chatbot allows the operator to quickly find the answer to the requested query. So just ask the chatbot to save time. Efficiency and practicality are therefore the order of the day. In addition, the customer will be satisfied because his request is processed quickly. This has a positive effect on the company’s customer relations.

Punctual information

An internal chatbot for companies is the perfect instrument to transmit information about a particular event or to push information to employees. For example, this could be the case of a company buyout, a new product launch, the implementation of a new law, etc. The chatbot is thus very useful for event, marketing and training projects.

Helping people to change

When a company undergoes a major change, it is very important to support the teams in their transition. Successful coaching allows for a smoother transition. In this kind of case, a chatbot can be very efficient. Indeed, by facilitating internal communication, the chatbot greatly encourages change.

In addition, the chatbot allows you to collect information about the feelings and expectations of employees. This information is then very useful to allow for adjustments once the transition has been made.

Finally, the chatbot allows you to respond to employee concerns during the entire transition period.

In summary

A chatbot is a computer program whose purpose is to perform a given task or provide a specific answer to consumers’ questions. Chatbots are a great help in business, as it allows the latter to optimize its performance on several levels.

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