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Any company that respects itself today and its customers must have modern means to guarantee impeccable services. In the online provider community, several marketing solutions are used today to optimize the customer experience, which helps attract more leads. One of these solutions is the chatbot. It is a tool once prized for its self-contained web conversation capabilities. This computer program now makes it possible to process user or customer requests and send them appropriate responses to the specific case. Since the creation of such software requires the mastery of a programming language and artificial intelligence technologies, Botnation provides you with ready-to-use chatbot templates.

Botnation’s chatbot templates: what is this offer?

The chatbot templates offered by Botnation are ready-to-use models, a solution to set up a chatbot in record time. It is important to remember that the chatbot is not intended for a single sector of activity. For a more interesting experience, Botnation has developed a variety of bots to meet this need for diversification of requests.

Indeed, it is a set of conversational agents whose creation has a certain particularity: they are created to execute predefined tasks. In this list, we find chatbots specifically designed for the administration of websites, for Messenger or for other online platforms.

The services of these pre-designed tools are both diverse and specific. Although they can perform multiple tasks, they are only oriented towards a given category of users, prospects or customers.

Why use Botnation’s chatbot templates?


When you haven’t been trained in creating next-generation chat tools, your chatbot design project can be very complex. This is where Botnation’s ready-to-use templates come in. Indeed, these solutions allow you to take the most difficult step in setting up a customer service or virtual marketing agent.

This is the beginning of the realization. Since this is when you have to make decisions that will determine the identity and performance of the bot. To avoid missing this precious start, it is wiser to use the templates provided by Botnation. This decision will allow you to get a chatbot that is perfect for your needs and those of your customers or prospects.

Plus, when you opt for this out-of-the-box tool, you don’t have to do any coding before you find the right kind of chatbots for your Facebook page, Messenger, or company website. Not to mention that chatbot template offerings can help marketing, sales and customer support departments in companies.

It is also worth mentioning that the chatbot templates offered by this brand guarantee a smooth and fast customization. You will only have to define the logo or design that suits you.

Botnation chatbot templates

Botnation provides its customers with ready-to-use bot models to boost their businesses through user experience optimization. The list of these online chatbot offers is quite long. Indeed, they concern in particular services such as :

  • Customer service (web chat)
  • Call center management
  • Lead collection
  • Conducting surveys
  • Online sales management
  • Entertainment
  • Etc.

Templates chatbot : customer service

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This conversation bot model presents itself as a perfect alternative to human effort in the operation of a company’s customer service. Especially designed for this type of use, it has a classic structure that meets the requirements of customer service administration.

This chatbot is therefore able to handle the requests of prospects and provide satisfactory answers to any user. As an important part of your business development, this category of conversational agents must be well configured to add value.

Chatbot templates: call center management

These bots are designed to allow any company to improve its relationship with its prospects. The functionality of this model goes beyond web chat or text chat services. This generation of conversational agents includes answering chatbots.

They have the ability to take phone calls from customers and interact with the user via live chat. They are very suitable for social networks. This tool can also be used to manage the call center of mobile sites or applications. An impressive number of parameterization possibilities are offered by the Botnation agency.

Templates chatbot : collecting leads

One of the functions of these marketing tools is to offer online lead collection. They are therefore essential if you want to expand your consumer market. You can customize them to create a robot that is tailored to your business needs. Even without any training, you can insert your logo and adopt a design of your choice.

The possibilities for graphic modification are mind-boggling, which encourages new consumers and sales. These bots can be integrated into social networks or mobile applications to reach more people.

Templates chatbot : the realization of surveys

The bot model makes it easy to conduct satisfaction surveys. It is therefore equipped with a survey feature that allows it to measure the satisfaction of each user of your services. Whether on Messenger or on your website page, the results of these surveys will be sent to you in the form of graphical data.

Chatbot templates: online sales and entertainment

These models are offered to real estate agencies, restaurants and other commercial sites. They make the goods more accessible to customers (menus, prices, photos of the houses, etc.). Their design is more or less similar to that of entertainment bots.

The latter offer quizzes to users in order to create a more pleasant atmosphere. They are a real asset to reinforce the fun aspect of prospecting techniques. You can add or remove questions of your choice from these templates.

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