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If you’re in the digital business, you’ve probably heard of Botnation or even It’s really the same thing. It is a French online platform that offers its customers the solution to create chatbots. The peculiarity of this provider is that it provides the user with an easy, but effective system for making the Messenger bot. You have the possibility to set up chatbots without having any knowledge in computer development or artificial intelligence. It should also be noted that the service offered by this assistance solution is multi-channel, which multiplies the possibilities of the customer. Please discover through this review, the Botnation chatbots and their usefulness.

Botnation offers you different chatbot models

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Botnation or provides the user with several models of online bots. The diversity of chatbots is what makes them easily adaptable to the needs of customers and companies in particular. Thanks to this provider, it is for example possible to create a Messenger bot and program it to collect leads, contact the user, manage customer service and conduct surveys. There is also a type of chatbot that is perfect for online business.

In addition, the customer can create custom bots. Imagine a chatbot that reflects your company or your brand! The Botnation system has several features that are perfect for your chatbot. Indeed, the customer has the possibility of inserting photos, videos and even commands when creating the Messenger bot. The texts of the messages and answers are also personalized. Not to mention that the platform gives you access for test use before finalizing the design. It’s time to optimize your bot. As a user, customers can use the statistics dashboard and tracking technology offered by the chatbot platform. These features will allow your chatbot to better understand the behavior of your customers.

With Botnation, take advantage of a bot-human transfer function

In terms of web chat, thanks to technological advances, the user can choose to interact with the customer service (human). Online chatbots are not always programmed to provide answers that will always satisfy customers. In this case, the Messenger bot passes directly to a human agent on request of the customer. In general, the user only needs to activate this transfer feature (during the chat) to get in touch with a caller. This setting makes the customer service very responsive and makes the chatbot on your website even more efficient.

Botnation gives you the opportunity to find a custom-made Bot

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Thanks to this module implemented by Botnation, you have the possibility to consult all the keywords and expressions most frequently used in each sequence of the web chat robot. Having access to this database allows you to make changes (remove or add some new words or expressions to the chat library). In addition, the website offers an algorithm whose job is to identify phrases that are often used by customers, but which have no impact on the bot. Thus, it allows the user to improve the quality of service provided by the Messenger online chatbot through the optimization of responsiveness. Spelling mistakes are also managed by an algorithm to facilitate the processing of customer requests.

Access to a multi-channel system to enhance your marketing strategies

With Botnation, it is possible to export chatbot data automatically. To do this, the online chat agent can be linked to other applications like Gmail, Google Sheets, Sendinblue and Mailchimp. There are also other connectors that can make the chat robot more efficient. This is particularly the case with IFTT and Zapier, which can connect to chatbots. This will simplify the process enormously. To communicate with your customers the chatbot will be directly linked to these external services.

Create your chatbot at affordable rates

Botnation is an online chatbot solution that allows you to set up a chat agent for free. Thus, you have the possibility to create your avatars, and even test them on thisconversational agent platform without having a huge budget. Not to mention that you can create an unlimited number of bots.

In addition, there are paid formulas that this solution offers. These offers have the advantage of giving you more options. Especially in terms of performance. The rates applied depend on the number of users who have access to the account during a given period.

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