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WordPress is one of the best CMS in the world. The ease of setting up a site and the multiple additional plugins are a testament to its popularity. Among its users, your website is surely made with WordPress. A chatbot is a tool that has many advantages for web marketing. What is a WordPress plugin and what should you remember about the benefits of a WordPress chatbot for a business?

When a customer walks into your store, you have them in front of you and can engage in a one-on-one conversation. This helps you get a better idea of what they want and allows you to help them and answer any questions they may have. Unfortunately, you can’t really replicate this experience with a website. What if I told you that you could get closer?

Email is great, users use it every day for work and personal, but it is far from replacing a live conversation. Live chat has significant benefits when used correctly, but what are your options outside of social media platforms?

Let’s take a look at chatbots and see how beneficial they can be for your WordPress site and business. What features are available for chatbots for WordPress? And how can you use them?

Chatbots in a few lines

Let’s take a look at what a typical chatbot can do for you and your customers. By having a chatbot, you can instantly make your website more interactive and engaging for visitors and customers.

Chatbots simulate and replicate live chats in real time. No waiting between answers. If visitors have questions, your chatbot is there to answer them and point them in the right direction.

They can also offer 24/7 support, as well as showcase any promotions or sales you may have at the moment. And to take it a step further you could use your chatbot to direct your website visitors to the latest news or the details of a page you want them to focus on.

One more thing about Botnation and its platform for creating chatbots adapted to WordPress: your chatbot can also be adapted to other media. Botnation is extremely flexible and versatile! You can put your chatbot in full screen as a separate site or publish it on Facebook Messenger to reply on your Facebook page.

Here is a brief summary of the benefits you will see by having a chatbot for your WordPress site:

  • Faster responses to visitors
  • Makes your website more interactive and attractive
  • Offer your customers 24/7 support
  • Present current and upcoming promotions and offers
  • Collect user data such as emails

By using a chatbot on Botnation, you will instantly see these benefits. But what about some of the less obvious, “longer-term” benefits you can expect from using your chatbot for WordPress?

Why install a chatbot on your WordPress site?

chatbot for wordpress

Whether it’s a simple chatbot or a complex one, installing one on your WordPress site is important. Indeed, a well-configured chatbot allows you to save time in the first place. Your presence will not be necessary to answer some questions of your website visitors. The chatbot will be able to answer most (if not all) of your visitors’ basic questions. A complex chatbot, trained with artificial intelligence and machine learning will even be able to handle some of the more complicated questions.

Second, a chatbot will make your WordPress site more dynamic. The chatbot is a tool that provides visitors with immediate and instantaneous answers. The concerns of your visitors are therefore taken care of without delay. This will be very appealing to visitors who will feel privileged. In addition, the chatbot works 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

What are the benefits of a WordPress chatbot for your business?

A WordPress chatbot on your business site is welcome. Indeed, this generates several very interesting advantages.

As a first point, it gives your marketing team a break. Redundant customer support tasks are taken over by the chatbot. Your team will be able to focus their efforts on more important tasks.

In addition, you become more productive and reduce the cost of customer service. Indeed, leaving the boring tasks to the chatbot optimizes your working time. Moreover, you save time, effort and money by integrating these types of requests directly into your chatbot.

Secondly, the chatbot allows for better management of your customer relations. Your customers are supported by this tool at all times. This optimizes their experience and improves their satisfaction. And it goes without saying that satisfied customers will always come back to you. This is an excellent point in favor of your company.

The chatbot is also able to generate leads, transform them into customers and build loyalty. Indeed, just like a customer advisor in a store, the chatbot starts a conversation with any new prospect. As soon as they reach your page, the chatbot sends them a welcome message and offers to help them. It then guides them in their search and often ends up recommending the page where the customer can order. This personalized-looking experience plays an important role in the ordering and retention process.

Finally, setting up a WordPress chatbot is easy and not expensive at all, even free. Setting up the chatbot and inserting questions is quite easy. For example, the Botnation chatbot has been made as easy to use as possible. When it comes to the cost of your Botnation chatbot, there are different offers. The first one is free, but limits the chatbot interactions to 100 users per month. The other offers offer more possibilities and remain very affordable (from 9 euros per month).

What are the drawbacks of using a chatbot on your WordPress site?

So, we’ve gone over some of the main factors why using a chat bot for WordPress is beneficial. But nothing is perfect in this world and knowing as much as possible about what you plan to use is both important and necessary. So what are the possible drawbacks?

Let me start with a few small contradictions about some of the benefits I listed earlier. I think it is best to learn and understand the conditions and limitations of some of these benefits. Starting with my 3rd item listed in the benefits list: “Offer your customers 24/7 support”.

While this statement is still true, you need to understand that the actual “support” capacity of your free chatbot can vary greatly. While chatbots are indispensable (my opinion may be a bit biased :-), you need to understand that to use them properly, you need to “configure” them correctly. In the end, chatbots are still just bots!

If you’re not experienced or don’t spend enough time configuring your chatbot properly and making sure you’ve set up its responses and AI learning triggers; then you may end up giving your website visitors and customers a potentially disastrous experience and thus deterring them from using your chatbot in the future.

What exactly do I mean by that? Think about it for a moment; it’s like talking to a salesman who doesn’t really know his own product. Or when you try to use a new application or gadget for the first time and it doesn’t work or do what you want. A bad chatbot is a mixture of these 2 things, and when not configured properly; it can leave your WordPress site visitors with the bitter taste of a bad experience.

Slowing down your website. It might worry you if you think chatbots are causing a drop in performance on your website. You have every right to be concerned, as this could potentially be true. But the truth is, it’s very unlikely. Slowdowns are most often caused by parameters that do not concern the chatbot, such as the optimization of your website.

If your website is not properly optimized, you risk everything being slow. If your site is well optimized, make sure your chatbot is always up to date and properly installed and configured to prevent it from causing problems. On the Botnation side, we regularly optimize the code so that the impact on your performance is always as low as possible.

As you can see, when configured correctly, there are very few drawbacks to using chatbots for WordPress. And even if a defect does occur, it is usually easy to remedy.

What is a WordPress plugin?

By “WordPress plugin“, we mean any additional module specific to WordPress. This module allows you to extend existing functionalities or to add new ones.

WordPress plugins are integrated with WordPress. They are written in PHP (programming language) and can perform several different functions. The multitude and diversity of plugins offered by WordPress is its main asset. WordPress likes to say that there is “a plugin for everything”.

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Now, of course, the easiest way to ensure that no problems arise is to make sure you use the best chatbot service available. And that’s where Botnation can help: we offer the best chatbot creation platform for WordPress (and other channels as well).

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And to take advantage of all the benefits I listed above; Botnation offers the most efficient features and guarantees an optimal experience in creating your chatbot. Installing and implementing your chatbot for WordPress is a breeze; just install our WordPress plugin. it’s simple and powerful!

And the features can go very far. Whether it’s KPI analysis, advanced AI learning or connected automated tasks, having the best possible chatbot can really make a difference. Your chatbot has collected information about customers and visitors, that’s good. But you know what’s better? Botnation can then import all this for you into a spreadsheet! This is ideal for information that is accessible and easy to handle.

Conclusion on chatbots for WordPress

Like just about any technology tool or gadget, the marketing bot can be great for businesses when used correctly. The online chat bot is no exception. You can’t go wrong with adding such a bot to your website. And if you don’t want it to be too intrusive; you can simply customize it so that it’s just there for the visitor when they need it.

Such an online chat robot can automatically respond to your customers’ live messages. Enhance your website with a new version that includes an online chat bot.

The advantages and benefits far outweigh the disadvantages, as the disadvantages can be easily reversed. There’s little to no reason not to use an online chat bot, so why not get started today with the best chatbot creation platform for WordPress?

Amandine Carpentier

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