Why and how to add a chatbot on Prestashop?


E-commerce is becoming more and more important. Contractors are therefore following this trend. From then on, many online sales platforms flourish. However, creating an online store, or managing customers, can be complex when you don’t have the right tools. Online chat remains the best solution to guarantee customer satisfaction by providing instant and efficient answers to their concerns. That’s why integrating a bot on Prestashop will be a very beneficial alternative. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

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Prestashop : what is it ?

Prestashop is an open source web application that allows the development of e-commerce through the creation and management of online stores. Indeed, thanks to the functionality of Prestashop, you can manage a store with an attractive and modern design, even when you know nothing or not much.

With Prestashop, you can manage your product catalog, customer orders, promotions and deliveries from a feature-rich back office. In fact, a chatbot can optimize the management of your online store. Depending on your needs, you can activate, deactivate, install or delete modules.

Still called conversational bot, the chatbot is a tool that optimizes the online chat with your customers. Moreover, Prestashops adapts to all your activities. This application also has 5000 modules and graphic themes created by experts in web development. This does not limit your choices in any way.

Why is a chatbot interesting for an e-commerce site?

Also known as a conversational agent, a chatbot is a computer program designed to simulate a human conversation (written or spoken). With this in mind, Botnation’s bot can process data to provide answers to requests of all kinds. This is possible thanks to the artificial intelligence that drives it and the automated rules it follows.

The use of a chatbot ensures the development of an e-commerce site. This allows it to be personalized and proactive at the same time. Indeed, the chat bot helps an online store to easily meet the needs of customers while reducing human interaction through the resolution of many customer requests.

This way, you can provide concrete solutions to your customers at any time of the day. Integrating a chatbot in Prestashop allows you to add an online chat module to this e-commerce platform.

Botnation : solution for creating a custom chatbot

Botnation is a platform created in 2017 by Emmanuel FRANÇOISE. It is a simple, complete and excellent tool that allows you to create chatbots with ease. It does not require any programming knowledge.

Not only can you create an online chatbot for a website, but it is also possible to integrate it on Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp Messenger or even Google Home.

A chatbot on Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp Messenger is very useful and has many advantages. Indeed, a fantastic aspect of using chatbots on a chat platform is the live assistance.

So on Whatsapp, for example, they are there to help you simulate and perform live chats. In this sense, even if you are not available to answer live, your Whatsapp Messengers chatbot will be there to satisfy your customers’ needs.

The other solutions of Botnation

To make it easier to use, the platform offers a freemium, ergonomic, and no-code offer, including tutorials and free templates. Therefore, you can create chatbots with your company’s branding with the ability to customize the text, add images, videos and action buttons. This is a complete customization modality that makes using Bonation even more interesting.

Moreover, when a customer ‘s request on your site is very advanced, the Botnation chatbot is able to automatically hand over to the customer service department. From then on, the bot administrator receives an email to have live access to the conversation with the bot. With this feature, you have a responsive, efficient and relevant customer service and support.

Use Botnation to automate your Prestashop store

Prestashop being an open source application, you have the possibility to customize it according to your company’s needs and services. Thus, you can integrate the Botnation chatbot on your Prestashop site from the Botnation chatbot module.

The module can be integrated by yourself when you have the necessary skills.

The combination of Botnation and Prestashop guarantees a good growth of your e-commerce site.

Amandine Carpentier

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