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Chatbots are one of the best ways to differentiate your business from your competitors. They offer personalized service with no waiting time for customer support representatives. If you want to learn more about this topic, as well as why you should create a free chatbot tool for your business, read on.

A chatbot tool: what is it?

Chatbots are a new way to interact with your customers and prospects and provide them with customer service and information. They can be programmed to answer questions, solve problems and even sell products.

A chatbot is a computer software application that uses artificial intelligence to automatically converse with humans through text or speech.

These applications have been around since the mid-1990s, but have steadily increased in popularity in recent years due to major advances in machine learning and other artificial intelligence technologies.

The first conversational agent was developed in 1966 and was originally called ELIZA. He imitated a psychotherapist type personality. After that, the first virtual assistants appeared in 2004. However, due to various problems such as limited responses, expensive software, etc., there was no success.

The buzz about chatbots first reappeared in April 2016, when Facebook announced that all businesses with a Facebook page could deploy an automated bot on the Messenger platform.

Chatbots are able to respond to natural human language, making them very useful for a variety of applications, such as customer service or online technical support. They can be programmed to understand the keywords and respond with pre-written content appropriate to the situation.

A chatbot can also be used as an advertising and marketing tool for businesses that want to reach their customers using Facebook Messenger.

What types of chatbots are available?

Today on the market, there are mainly two types of chatbots available:

  • programmed chatbots ;
  • learning chatbots.

Programmed chatbots are virtual assistants programmed to answer a specific question with a defined response. They are often used in marketing campaigns, customer service chats, etc. Programmed chatbots have been in use for a few years and their functionality is usually limited to understanding what is asked of them and responding based on a pre-programmed script.

Learning chatbots are an advanced type of artificial intelligence that has the ability to learn from the interaction it has with humans and can improve its responsesas it learns more about the person’s needs. In addition, it may also be able to remember a past customer and their preferences.

Why would your company need a chatbot?

The chatbot industry has exploded in recent years and is transforming the way we think about customer service. Chatbots can be a powerful tool for businesses, and this is especially true for large companies looking to solve the problem of high customer service costs.

Chatbots also offer a more personalized service due to the nature of their interactions.

In addition, chatbots are effective because they are also able to handle requests around the clock, which is especially useful for customers who can only access their accounts at specific times.

Chatbots are not just a trend that will fade away. They are quickly becoming an integral part of the service industry and are proving time and time again that they save time, provide better service and save money.

Why use Botnation to create a free chatbot?

The reference tool to create a free chatbot is Botnation. It is a platform that allows anyone to create their own chatbots without any coding skills or expensive fees.

There are many free chatbot templates to help you get started. Botnation is easy to use, has a large user base and provides essential functionality for your business.

Amandine Carpentier

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