The e-commerce chatbot: effective for sales and customer service?


The use of chatbots has grown dramatically in the last few years. This progress leaves no sector of activity aside or indifferent. That’s why everyone is becoming more and more interested in these tools to take advantage of them. What about e-commerce activities? What new experience can installing a conversational agent offer customers in terms of online sales? Discover in this article how the e-commerce chatbot can change the face of your digital business.

The e-commerce chatbot accompanies the customer throughout the online purchase process

Several studies conducted about online chatbots have proven that they are by far the best customer guides you can find on the market. These virtual marketing agents are equipped with artificial intelligence that makes them true assistants for customers (in case of purchase) and for companies.

The chatbot helps the customer as soon as he arrives on the company’s website

What is a chatbot? How does it help the client?

When an Internet user visits your online store for the first time, the chatbot guarantees a pleasant experience. Indeed, bots are marketing tools that are programmed to send a welcome message to the (potential) customer. This is how they introduce a conversation with prospects long before the discovery and purchase of the products on sale. Then, the conversation agent directs the visitor to specific pages based on the data or information provided by the visitor. This service, offered by chatbots, allows to multiply the rate of sale of online products. And this is, of course, all beneficial for the companies.

The chatbot promotes product search

One of the most unfavorable situations for companies’ business is the phenomenon of shopping cart abandonment. According to the information collected from customers, this fact is favored by the absence of certain products or information on the company’s website. When the user lacks data about a product or service, it can lead to abandon the purchase. To overcome this problem and strengthen the seller-customer relationship, chatbots are an excellent way to optimize the buying experience. They propose products to the user according to his expectations. The more advanced the artificial intelligence is, the more the product suggestions made by the bot will match the customer’s needs. Chatbot software is most often available in French and in several other languages.

Chatbot help

The chatbot offers advice to the customer

As mentioned above, when customers lack information about the products they are interested in, the sale may not be successful. This is not favorable for the vendor-customer relationship or for your company’s image.

Therefore, when you equip your online store with chatbots, they will provide answers to all the user’s requests. The data or information provided by the bot generally concerns purchasing advice and user reviews left by former customers who have used the service.

The implementation of this artificial intelligence is a perfect way to offer a rich and satisfying experience to the user. This makes it easier for customers and companies to buy and sell online.

The chatbot accompanies the customer even after the purchase

Once the sale is made, some companies think their work is done. While the after-sales service is essential to improve the relationship between the brand and the user. However, it must be recognized that not all providers implement this marketing strategy because it requires financial resources and time. Indeed, the customer service, to be functional, needs to be animated by a team of professionals, which can be expensive.

The good news is that by opting for a web bot or chatbot, you not only save money, but you can also offer a unique experience to your consumers. Be aware that even after the products are purchased, the virtual agent can continue to send messages to buyers through social networks or other channels. This assistance will help build customer loyalty, as they will inevitably think of you for their next needs. It should also be noted that chatbots are permanently functional. Whether it is via Messenger, Facebook or WhatsApp, the user will always have real time answers to each request.

Even if the virtual agent cannot completely and totally replace human action, it offers advantages that can considerably change the course of your online activities.

Amandine Carpentier

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