Who and what are chatbots for? Our answer sector by sector.

Chatbots study

Our survey conducted on chatbots deployed on the Botnation AI platform reveals 2 findings that we detail in the following lines:

– The most common and obvious use of chatbots is dynamic FAQs. The chatbot is the ideal tool to guide its users.

– A chatbot is not adapted to any particular sector: it is useful for any activity, whether it is charitable or financial, craft or industrial, small, medium or large.

Here are our highly instructive findings !

Top 6 uses of chatbots

Paris, September 10, 2021

Botnation, the French platform for creating scalable chatbots, unveils a survey conducted on more than 530 chatbots spread over a representative sample of major business sectors in France. An analysis of over 779,000 active conversations that shows impressive differences in usage.

Internet users always have a lot of questions when searching. So this is the primary use that stands out for chatbots, along with FAQs. This is the most common setting with almost 40% of usage.

In second place, chatbots are used at 22% to collect new customers via the retrieval of email addresses or business-related information.

After-sales service is only in third place with 15%, ahead of marketing with only 11%, purchasing assistance with 7% and various uses with 6%.

Chatbots uses
The chatbots usages ranked by types of services
1Dynamic FAQ39,51%
2Lead collection21,55%
3Customer service (after sales service etc.)14,56%
4Marketing (product presentation)11,15%
5Purchasing Assistant7,37%
6Other (games, onboarding, news)5,86%
Top 6 uses of chatbots

“Our customers easily create lists that summarize all the questions they are asked repeatedly. These lists are accompanied by the corresponding answer(s). A chatbot thus saves precious time by avoiding the same questions being asked again and again by a customer service department”.said Emmanuel FRANÇOISE.

Which sectors are fond of chatbots?

Among the 530 chatbots studied under the microscope, it is clear that all sectors of activity are represented. However, some take a much larger place than others. This is the case for the training sector, which represents 7% of the panel studied, just ahead of the transport sector with 6% and health with 6%.

Chatbots uses ranking
The chatbots uses ranked by sector
6Power supply4,35%
7Real estate3,97%
11Beauty – Aesthetics2,65%
12Marketing Agency2,08%
Ranking of sectors using chatbots

While studying the uses of our chatbots, we also classified them by sector and the big surprise is that these domains are really split. Indeed, Botnation can be used by all companies, but we were surprised that some “leaders” appeared, like the training sector with requests for schedules, course outlines, costs, etc. or the transport sector with its share of schedules, plans and tariffs. Health and leisure are also part of the lot with 6.05%.This is because they raise a lot of questions in these complicated times and companies clearly have fewer human resources at the moment to answer them”, commented Emmanuel FRANÇOISE.

* Methodology: survey of 530 chatbots on the BotNation platform throughout 2020 and until July 2021. The analysis covers 779,129 active conversations.

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