The list of the different types of chatbots according to their usefulness

Type of chatbot

Chatbots are tools that today are revolutionizing the digital world. They can be found in almost every industry. It is an indispensable program for your conversational marketing and is based on various applications. There are several types of chatbots with various functions and well-defined objectives. In order to choose a conversational robot adapted to your needs, it is essential to know all the aspects concerning it. What are the different types of chatbots? This article gives you a review of the main ones.

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The basic chatbot

It is important to know that there are two main categories of chatbots. Each of these categories has its own purpose and mode of operation.

The textual interaction bot

These are chatbots that do not require the application of artificial intelligence, since they work on the basis of commands. They use predefined questions and follow a sequential logic. All this is done from a previously established menu of options. This is the most basic type of chatbot on the market. It is ideal for simple questions that do not require the intervention of a consultant. These are:

  • Information about a brand
  • Questions about delivery times and options
  • Data on the products or services of the brand
  • Requests for a tutorial, a recipe or a user manual, etc.

This list is not exhaustive. However, the bots in this category will be of great help when your questions require standard answers. They also have the role of relieving customer service.

The bot with artificial intelligence

artificial intelligence

It must be said that chatbot and artificial intelligence can be associated. An intelligent robot is more advanced and responds to more complex issues that usually require human intervention. Bots with artificial intelligence are therefore agents that rely on artificial intelligence to satisfy customers. This gives them the ability to understand and deal with customers to provide them with appropriate responses.

Still called cognitive robots, these conversational agents are able to learn from past interactions. This is a factor that allows a conversation with a user to become more fluid and precise. Moreover, they can solve simple operations by providing automatic solutions.

Chatbots adapted to your needs

It must be said that not all bots are made to work and meet the aspirations of all areas. It is therefore essential to design a chatbot specific to the field in which you operate. It is a way to help a company better manage the customers in its sector. So you can have the following chatbots.

The customer interaction bot

These chatbots are designed to meet the immediate needs of customers. Thanks to this chatbot service, the user can clear his doubts and get instant answers. This artificial intelligence is an excellent way for customers to reduce their waiting time. It also allows the structure to improve the promptness and dynamism of customer service and even increase sales by building customer loyalty. It is therefore a bot that improves the efficiency of a company for the satisfaction of the user.

Customer support chatbots

Several companies in various sectors use this type of agent. It can be in the field of fashion, cosmetics, travel or e-commerce. The main objective of this robot is to respond efficiently to the customer’s requests in a language that he can understand. This will increase sales by guiding the consumer to the right products for their needs.

This virtual assistant usually asks the user a series of questions. These questions are intended to feed the artificial intelligence about its expectations. Once it has enough data, the chatbot can make a personalized offer to the customer. The latter only has to click on the product or service offered to be redirected to the site, before proceeding with the purchase.

Conversational agents for marketing purposes

person who does marketing on their desk

Here you have a type of bot that is ideal for your marketing operations. Indeed, it is a service that allows you to market through your conversational robot. The latter can use your marketing strategy to send emails/responses to the user. These messages or responses will be advertisements of your products in a marketing language that they can understand so as to encourage them to discover your website or buy your products. Your conversational robot can also use the web to reach your target. Social applications and internet are very used today. You will then get better results and this strategy will help you increase your sales.

The bot for social networks

It must be said that the development of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) means that companies communicate more and more with their customers via social networks. Chatbots are a great help for this type of customer service that is increasingly addicted to these social platforms. These are web platforms like Messenger, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. It is therefore essential to optimize your presence on them with a bot. Messages/responses can be sent when you have new products for example. Your virtual agent can also intervene when there are problems with the use of a particular product. In doing so, your company will be able to respond in real time to user requests. The relationship between the company and its clients will be enhanced and your objectives can be quickly achieved.

Internal chatbots

It is important to know that there are not only bots for theuser. You can also design a conversational robot to answer and accompany your employees in your company. The goal is to increase productivity, as well as the quality of work of employees. It is also a great way to help integrate new employees into a company. The more the bot is present and gives instant answers, the more they will get used to their new environment. Thus, the bot will provide the information it needs regarding its possible problem. The supervisor will be less disturbed and the work will be faster. It should be noted that the chatbot must be simple to use to allow a good user experience.

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