What is the interest of NLP for chatbots?

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The performance of chatbots is related to their type and the way they are programmed. The best of them are the complex conversational robots with Artificial Intelligence (AI). In addition to this, NLP technology makes chatbots more efficient in their mission as agents for discussion with humans. What do I need to know about this system? What advantages does it offer to chatbots? Why should conversational robots with this technology be preferred? The rest of this article will answer all your questions.

What is a chatbot?

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The term chatbot is an anglicism formed by combining two words. It is “chat” which means “to discuss” and “bot” which is actually an abbreviation of robot. The definition of a chatbot reveals that it is a robot capable of chatting with human beings. The chatbot is generally a computer program that simulates more or less complex conversations.

There are different types with different levels of performance. Simple or basic chatbots for example are very limited. The conversations they can have are already predefined with a tree of pre-recorded responses. Complex conversational agents are equipped with several very practical technologies.

The combination of chatbots and artificial intelligence has indeed allowed the implementation of more efficient bots. They react and make decisions like a human being. This makes the possibilities of answering questions unlimited. In addition, they collect data on each bot user. They can be used to provide offers that are appropriate for each customer.

What is NLP in practice?

NLP stands for Natural Language Processing. In French, it means “Natural Language Processing”. It is a technology related to artificial intelligence, relating to the way machines interpret the language of humans. Indeed, bots do not directly understand what the human asks in his question.

To give reliable and accurate answers, they first try to interpret the query. This allows them to better manage interactions and hold conversations. It is therefore thanks to this technology that bots and humans can communicate in the same language.

What does Natural Language Processing bring to chatbots?

Natural Language Processing technology is essential for chatbots. Indeed, it plays various roles in their functions as conversational agents.

Facilitate the understanding of the client’s message

First of all, it should be noted that basic chatbots do not really interpret human language. To put it simply, they don’t understand the customer’s requests before responding to them. These are usually simple bots with pre-recorded answers. This has the effect of limiting them in the number of answers they are able to give.

This system helps them to understand the customer’s message. For example, it allows them to make a clear distinction between a statement and a question. Similarly, using synonymous words in your query is not a problem. The chatbot will be able to understand the question and answer it automatically.

Overcoming problems of poor wording or mistakes

Sometimes the company’s customers may make mistakes when asking their questions. It may be a misspelled word or an omission. It then becomes very complicated for the chatbot to understand the request in order to propose a suitable answer. However, Natural Language Processing allows to avoid this kind of situation.

This technology allows the bot to understand the concerns, despite the mistakes. It can even interpret in various dialects depending on the user and the social context. Clients generally have very different ways of expressing themselves. It is impossible to foresee every possible scenario during the programming of the bot. Therefore, a treatment system must be used.

Give clearer and more precise answers

The Natural Language Processing system gives the chatbot greater accuracy in each response. Indeed, most chatbots have to manage large amounts of data. Without the NLP, it would be very difficult to avoid confusion. A chatbot that lacks this will for example have trouble distinguishing between homographs.

The system allows it to know exactly what the user’s query is about. As a result, the answer he gives is also very precise.

What are the advantages of using a chatbot with NLP technology?

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Using a chatbot with Natural Language Processing has many advantages. It is recommended to use only this type of conversational robots to guarantee a certain efficiency.

Improve the customer’s user experience

The most powerful chatbots improve theuser experience of customers. Indeed, the latter have first of all more facility to express their needs. The chatbot determines their intentions and can also influence them. For example, it can encourage them to buy a particular product.

In addition, chatbot users get quick answers to their questions. The message is sent instantly and is always very clear.

Collect data to improve the company’s marketing strategy

Your conversational robot can also collect data about users. It can be their habits, their preferences or their needs. This allows us to offer products and services that correspond to their real expectations. It is also a way to contribute to their satisfaction and to build their loyalty.

In addition, the data collected is used to improve the marketing strategy. Indeed, thanks to this information, it is possible to better target its audience. The advertising messages sent by the conversational robot can even be personalized. Your prospects will see that their well-being and the satisfaction of their needs are your priority.

In sum, it is important to remember that NLP is very important for chatbots. This technology improves the performance of conversational robots. As a result, it allows them to be more efficient.

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