Botnation’s NLP chatbot is easier to use than GPT-3


The use of chatbots, which are tools capable of conversing in natural language with an Internet user, is becoming more and more widespread today. Many companies include these conversational robots in their operations. This is due to the performance of today’s conversational bots equipped withArtificial Intelligence (AI). Botnation is a French company in the creation of conversational bots. In addition, new technologies such as NLP have been included in conversational robots to optimize their operation. There are several types of NLP, including GPT-3. What is NLP? What is GPT-3? How is the Botnation NLP easier to use than GPT-3? The following article will provide the necessary clarifications to these various questions.

What are NLP and GPT-3?


Natural Language Processing is a kind of Artificial Intelligence. Its goal is to understand human language. This technology is included in the operation of tools such as the chatbot.

It is thanks to Natural Language Processing that computer programs can understand human language data. We also owe to Natural Language Processing, the artificial intelligence of some chatbots. This is part of machine learning, a branch of AI that aims to generate computers that can constantly improve their tasks.

To achieve its goal, NLP uses parameters such as the analysis of the syntax and semantics of the sentences that constitute a text. You can choose from various NLP models. There are derived and improved models as well as alternative models. An example of an alternative model is the GPT-3, designed by OpenAI.

The GPT-3 designed by OpenAI is also a product of AI. This technology is a very advanced language model launched during the year 2020. The strength of GPT-3 lies in the 175 billion parameters it is composed of. This makes it the most advanced language model in AI.

You can access GPT-3 via an API available on the cloud. The parameters of GPT-3 make it the most successful AI model today despite its limitations. This technology created by OpenAI is able to generate text using information already recorded.

GPT-3 is an artificial neural network with which it is possible to generate written texts that are similar to those produced by humans. This AI is used to write a text, and translate it into another language. Indeed, GPT-3 parameters are used to convert a text into another register.

NLPs are technological innovations that are used to optimize conversational robots. Intelligent conversational robots therefore use NLP to improve their performance. However, BotNation, which specializes in the design of conversational bots, does not use OpenAI’s GPT-3, which, like any human work, has limitations for these conversational bots.

Botnation NLP is easier to use than GPT-3


Botnation is a French platform offering the possibility to create chatbots. Intended for companies, it helps in the design of personalized virtual assistants. It is a platform that is also at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence.

It uses this intelligence to generate conversational robots with various parameters, capable of exploiting a lot of data and satisfying their users with simple text. This is made possible by the NLP. BotNation does not use GPT-3 from OpenAI. It uses a much simpler NPI.

The NPI used by BotNation has undergone several improvements. First of all, there is an innovation called NLPv2. This is the second version of this software. Its particularity is that it works on the basis of a single expression.

Unlike the previous version, it will not be necessary to include the precise specifications. You just need to set up a first indication to generate the right answer. It has also helped to improve the recommendation algorithm .

Another ease of use is the possibility to generate a library at any place in an expression. This is equivalent to having a range of expressions from the same context. This allows the bot to generate the right answers to users’ concerns. However, it is important to know that it is not possible to use only one library per expression.

Tunnels are alternatives used to direct a search to another context. When a piece of information given by the user does not match any data in the algorithm, the tunnels generate an information retry.

Contexts are present on conversational bots generated by BotNation. They make the sculpin much more accurate and efficient against many bots of the current generation. In a practical way, the chatbot analyzes each word according to its context. This allows the same word to be used in different contexts. This is an advanced parameter that few bots of the current generation have.

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