What is an intelligent conversational agent? Definition and usefulness

Conversational agent

Are you interested in chatbots? No matter how good your products, services or benefits are, the customer experience is less satisfying, if at all, when your customer service does not live up to the expectations of your prospects or customers. The failure of this capital department of your company can be due to the long queue of requests or needs (phone calls, messages…), which your agents must manage. They are therefore too often overwhelmed, which can negatively impact your business (complaints, bad publicity). However, thanks to advances in technology, you can put an end to these problems by getting an intelligent conversational agent, otherwise known as a chatbot. Discover through this article more details about this digital tool.

What is the definition of an intelligent conversational agent?

Also called artificial intelligence conversational agent or chatbot, the intelligent conversational agent is a robotic software that can, from the exploitation of a database, dialogue or exchange with a human being in natural language, in speech or writing.

The conversational robot is in fact a virtual assistant that aims to provide the most human experience possible by relying on natural language understanding. The Botnation chatbot can provide many services to your company.

The short definition of a conversational agent: it is a robot developed specifically to chat with a human, providing answers if possible useful.

How is AI leveraged to make a successful conversational agent?

Artificial intelligence

If the conversational robot can answer the most common questions of the interlocutors such as the price of a given product thanks to a pre-programming, it requires a more innovative technology to satisfy the specific requests of the Internet users. And that’s where natural language processing(NLP) comes in. Indeed, the intelligent conversational agent is the result of the combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and automatic natural language processing (NLP), not to mention machine learning. It is precisely from this combination that a platform like Botnation manages to design very efficient French conversational agents.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a component of artificial intelligence that allows a chatbot to understand the needs of its interlocutors, to decipher human language and to communicate with humans. Thanks to Machine Learning, the conversational bot learns, better understands the queries it receives, refines its vocabulary, and can build thoughts and draw conclusions for truly personalized results. The chatbot also relies on Natural Language Generation (NLG) to respond to requests through a fluid discussion.

What are the advantages of a conversational agent?

The conversational chatbot is a godsend to meet all the challenges of customer-company relations. The online conversational agent improves customer interaction. Faced with the impatience of customers when they have concerns related to your product or service, the conversational robot is the company’s best ally. It provides immediate, instant and simultaneous answers to all customer queries. It is thus satisfied on the spot, which relieves human agents of repetitive and time-consuming tasks that can quickly become tiresome. They then have more time to devote to customer service development. However, they can take over from the software in case of requests requiring the use of an expert.

The onlineconversational agent never stops working. This is one of its main assets. Even when all your offices are empty, he answers at all times, because he is available 24/7. In addition, it stores data that the company can collect to classify customer needs. This can be used to optimize conversations.

Conversational chatbots can be added to your social networks(Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp) or to your WordPress website and blog. Digital technology is so present today that it has induced changes in consumer habits. Many consumers always visit a brand’s website before deciding to buy. So adding a chatbot to your website increases its effectiveness and can convert a visitor into a customer.

Intelligent conversational agents are essential for businesses in all industries. It participates in the digitalization of your organization, saves you time, new customers and therefore more profits. Try Botnation now to create a personalized chatbot, configurable according to your company’s needs, for free and without coding.

Amandine Carpentier

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