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Conversational agents or chatbots have become real tools for companies. They are multi-purpose and intervene in various ways and at various levels. Chatbots are most of the time equipped with artificial intelligence and are mainly put at the service of a company’s customers. Almost every major company uses a conversational agent to make things easier for their users.

Initially, chatbots were integrated into social platforms like Messenger. They now go far beyond and help capture leads, user reviews and more. If you want to create a French conversational agent, Botnation is a simple and effective solution to use. Botnation has been on the market for many years and has taken great pains to make this solution available.

What is a conversational agent?

A conversational agent or chatbot is an artificial intelligence-based software that can interact with customers. The bot can hold a conversation with users just like a human being. The name chatbot is formed from “chat” meaning online discussion and “bot” meaning robot. The main objective of chatbots is to offer users a better experience.

Users receive help to solve a problem, get answers to their questions, purchase a product or be redirected to a specific customer service. It is possible to customize your French conversational agent according to your company’s needs. Installing a chatbot will undoubtedly benefit your business.

What are the steps to set up a conversational agent?

To install a conversational agent on your company’s website, there are a few steps to follow. First of all, it is essential to define the objectives of the conversational agent. When you consider creating a bot, it is certainly because you have goals and needs. So you need to clear your head and organize everything.

In this step, you determine the operating options and the types of users the bot will have to respond to. Similarly, you will gain a lot by anticipating possible constraints related to the French conversational agent. When everything is well set up, think about making the design of your chatbot. This step is important because it determines the construction project of your French conversational agent.

chatbot implementation

This is where you need to start planning for the questions that may be asked of your bot. Before putting your conversational agent into operation, a learning phase is necessary. Indeed, it is simply a matter of testing your chatbot by playing the role of an Internet user and asking the users’ questions. In this way, you can see the limits of the bot quite quickly. Study each of the chatbot’s responses to determine if it will be able to complete the mission once it is up and running.

As soon as the French conversational agent is launched, there is another important work to do. From the very beginning, you should monitor the performance of your bot very closely and check the chat from time to time. This will allow you to make the necessary changes to meet the expectations of different customers.

Designing a chatbot with Botnation

There are many tools that can be used by companies to have conversational agents. Among these, Botnation is making its mark by providing users with a no code tool. It can be easily handled by people with little or no programming skills.

It is therefore not only intended for developers, and this is its great strength. The platform features a good number of chatbot models.

For a company, it is therefore easier to create a chatbot via the Botnation tool to meet the needs of users. These conversational agents can be deployed on web or mobile sites, Facebook pages or mobile applications.

By choosing Botnation to create your bot, you will benefit from many advantages that will be as many assets for your company. Available in a free version, the numerous free templates and models will make your task easier. Even better, interactive tutorials and explanatory videos are available to help you at each step of the implementation of the bot on your online tools.

What are the benefits of a conversational agent for your business?


Conversational agents allow companies to perform many more tasks. They go far beyond the classic marketing tools that we can find. In general, the bot is used for customer service, but its role does not stop there.

It allows to have an efficient customer service

Chatbots are mainly used to answer users’ questions. They also help them to obtain specific information about a product or service. The natural language of the bot puts the customer at ease and reassures him during each exchange. Chatbots can validly serve as a welcome service and redirect customers, if necessary, to a competent service.

Better yet, a bot can respond every day and at any time of the day. There is no longer a limit on break times and business days and clients can get help at any time. There are no more queues and every customer is satisfied. Moreover, the company’s agents are spared from the recurring questions of Internet users and can concentrate on different tasks.

It boosts sales

With a chatbot, your customers can order your products or services more easily. The process is simplified and they no longer need to call or browse your entire website. From a few questions, the bot can find what they are looking for. It is a real personal assistant that exchanges with your customers in order to know their preferences.

Also, it can offer customers products similar to what they have requested. This can allow you to easily generate additional sales. Another advantage is that the bot will help you collect as much information as possible about your customers. Information that will allow you to communicate with them in an efficient way.

Chatbots can integrate most of the payment solutions that are offered. This not only helps to optimize the sales process, but also makes it much more accessible.

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