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If you are a business owner, performing certain tasks may be redundant. However, it is imperative to execute them in order to retain your customers and attract new ones. To overcome all these constraints, the use of an automated discussion tool is appropriate. This is the chatbot. There are several chatbots you can set up depending on your usage needs. For example, there are chatbots for your WordPress blogs and others for social networks. In the particular case of Facebook, you can create a chatbot messenger in French language to communicate with visitors of your page. Find out how and why to create this discussion device.

How to create a French chatbot messenger with Botnation?

Botnation is a plugin that will allow you to easily create a French chatbot messenger. It is indeed an extension module that integrates many features to allow the implementation of the tool.

To get to the implementation of the device, we must first start with the definition of the chatbot. It is a conversational robot that is set up to replace the human. While the robot is taking care of the concerns of your customers and prospects on Messenger, you can focus on other tasks.

Creating a chatbot messenger in French is not complex. Simply access the Botnation plugin to get started. This is the first step in the implementation. Then, visit the page and choose from one of the available templates to create your conversational bot. Configure the messages to which the device will respond to visitors. Care must be taken at this level not to let the visitor write the entire message. Otherwise, there will be too many messages to configure for the bot. As a result, it will be difficult to optimize its operation.

Besides using the templates to create this message tool, you can also follow the dedicated tutorials. The platform offers you several of them for your inspiration. In any case, keep in mind that the customer who visits your web page or Facebook page must have answers to their questions.

Beware! For your chat bot, choose the appropriate language in the configuration settings. For France, it is a question of the French language if your target is suitable.

Why choose to create a French chatbot messenger with Botnation?

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Facebook is now the most used social network in the world. According to statistics obtained after a survey in 2021, it has more than two billion users worldwide. With consumer habits turning towards digitalization, it would be beneficial for companies to target this niche of buyers. This is where chatbots find their raison d’être. Fortunately, the French chatbot is compatible with Facebook through its messaging platform: Messenger.

Clearly, creating a French chatbot messenger allows you to take advantage of an innovative technology to succeed in your web marketing. You build customer loyalty and you may even attract prospects. To go further, creating this conversational bot with the Botnation plugin is clearly beneficial. You don’t need to be a coding expert to succeed in this project. Just follow the server’s instructions to set up the message for your clients. This saves you a lot of time.

On the other hand, it must also be said that this plug-in is very complete. In this way, the user can use it from the beginning of his project of creation of conversation bots until its follow-up. Several tools are integrated to make your job easier. For example, you will be able to evaluate the performance of your conversational bot using the built-in quantitative indicators. They are available in the tab ” ” Statistics” tab of the Botnation platform. There is also a survey questionnaire implemented in the plug-in. Thanks to this questionnaire, the customer will be able to give his opinion on the real performance of your bot.

Remember also that the French bot messenger Botnation can allow you to incite the customer to action. All you have to do is make a good configuration to incite them to choose one of your products for example or simply make an action (a click).

To go further, you can also make an automated live chat with this bot. This conversation service is particularly useful to show your proximity to your customers.

How much does it cost to create a French chatbot messenger with Botnation?


The service offered by this plug-in is free. Clearly, it is possible to easily create your Messenger conversation bot in France without paying anything. This advantage is appreciated by many users and it contributes to the reputation of this plugin.

On the other hand, it is important to note that the free version of this chat bot with the add-on is limited. You will not be able to take advantage of the advanced configurations. Therefore, if you have special needs for your web page, you will benefit from choosing the paid version of Botnation for your project. Rest assured, however, that the rates offered here are generally low. It is up to you to get the facts before you start your project.

If Botnation is one of the best plugins in France, it is largely because of its price. It is free for basic functionality and very low for other types of configuration. It is also important to note that besides Facebook Messenger, you can use this device on other platforms. This is the case for WordPress blogs and other social networks, including WhatsApp.

Whatever the sector of activity in which your website is involved, you can also use this plugin to create your conversation bot in France. The result will be just as interesting.

Finally, remember that it is possible to create a chatbot messenger in France with Botnation. Better yet, it has many undeniable advantages. These include free and time saving. However, you need to master the process and avoid some basic mistakes. This is the advantage of looking for information about the device beforehand. Also note that after creating your chat bot, it would be to your advantage to do periodic evaluations. You can then improve the bot as needed.

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