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A free chatbot plugin is an extension that can be easily added to WordPress related digital eCommerce solutions such as Woocommerce. Today, a WordPress website owner using the Woocommerce tool to optimize his online sales can easily associate his chatbot with it. Discover through this article how this is possible.

Woocommerce, WordPress, chatbot: what are they about?

The words Woocommerce, Chatbot, and WordPress are technical terms that are commonly used, but generally remain misunderstood by many people. However, in order to better understand the interest of a chatbot extension for Woocommerce, it is imperative that you identify upstream and without any ambiguity their meaning. For this reason, in the following sections, we offer you a complete definition for each of these words.

Woocommerce (WOC)

This is one of the many extensions that can be associated with a site or web page on WDP to optimize its functionality. It is one of the most successful business solutions on an online business page lately. Very efficient, and moreover free of charge, it stands out against the many e-commerce extensions that can be associated with a WordPress page by its functionalities.

WordPress (WDP)

WordPress is a software designed to allow the creation of an online site. It is totally free and offers various features. It hosts several websites in France and in the world.

The chatbot

The definition of a chatbot is quite simple. In fact, the chat bot is a conversational robot capable of holding a conversation in natural language with the visitors of a page or the customers of a company. It can be integrated as an extension to a merchant site to facilitate interactions between its visitors and the owner. That’s why there is a chatbot extension for Woocommerce .

How is the integration of a chat bot plugin to WOC, WP done?

The integration of a chat bot plugin for WOC (WDP) is done in various ways depending on the plugin chosen. The one proposed here is the chat bot plugin proposed by Botnation.

Botnation: what is it?

It is a French platform specialized in the creation of chatbot. It offers many training courses and accompanies you in the development of your chat bot and its association with a page, an application or an instant messenger. The extension for WOC (WDP) that it offers is free.

How is it integrated?

The association of chatbots for WOC (WDP) plugins offered by Bonation is done in four simple steps. What are they?

  • The recovery of the conversational chat bot plug-in. The plugin can be retrieved directly from the Botnation website
  • Installing the chatbot plug-in: installing chatbot plugins for a WDP page is done following the same process as installing a classic extension
  • Activation of the conversational robot extension for WOC (WDP): this is done by simply clicking on “activate”, which is an icon on the dashboard reserved for extensions
  • The extension configuration: it allows you to customize the functions of your extension. To do so, go to the configuration menu in the settings section

Do I need to add a code to WDP?

You do not need to add any code to WDP for the association of the extension with WOC. In fact, everything is simplified by the platform so that you don’t have to enter any type of programming code (Python programming language code, or PHP programming language code).

And since there is no code to integrate with WDP, linking an extension to WOC using this platform can be done even by a novice.

Why associate chatbots extensions to WOC on WDP?

Using chatbot extensions for WOC is very beneficial. It allows site owners to optimize their customer service and provide answers to visitor and customer requests. Responses to customer queries are instantaneous and are provided day and night throughout the seven days of the week.

This boosts customer service and improves the user experience for customers. In addition to the quality of responses given to customer queries, using chatbot extensions for WOC will also allow you to simplify the sales process.

Amandine Carpentier

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