Salesforce CRM: the benefits of connecting a chatbot

CRM Salesforce

CRM Salesforce is a very important solution for managing customer service in companies. Thanks to its efficiency, this software is increasingly used in marketing strategies to boost customer relationship management. However, to boost the cloud service to make it more powerful, companies are connecting Salesforce CRM to a chatbot. Discover in this development the usefulness of associating Salesforce CRM with chatbot.

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Salesforce CRM: a sophisticated software

Salesforce CRM is a tool that has been developed to help companies manage their business activities. Its objective is to achieve total customer satisfaction. As cloud marketing is linked to supply and demand, CRM provides a solution through a more simplified commercial process.

Indeed, to facilitate marketing, one of the most important axes is customer service. The current breakthrough of digital commerce leads companies to sell products and services online. This action makes commercial activities more difficult. To solve this problem, Salesforce CRM is making its mark through customer relationship management.

Indeed, its use allows to obtain very good results in this field. Salesforce CRM gives you the ability to manage customer interactions and run marketing campaigns well. This implies that the software CRM facilitates the process from the first contact with the customer to the purchase of a company product.

Salesforce CRM: how does it work?

Salesforce CRM software works because of some very effective features. These allow him to analyze the data and coordinate the follow-up of the sales made by the company. What are the features of Salesforce CRM?

Management of quotes and payments

The first feature of Salesforce CRM is the management of quotes and payments. It gives the possibility to determine the prices of the commercial services and to carry out the estimates in order to invoice the services to the customers. This procedure is supervised until the payment is received from the customers.

The management of quotes and payments also allows for discounts to be given to customers if the need arises. In addition, it is used to facilitate the sending of invoices thanks to the CRM SaaS mode.

Contact management

Salesforce CRM manages contacts by storing the profiles of potential customers in the database. This procedure saves the history of conversations from consumer interactions. This information is maintained in the database to be used as needed.

The Einstein Analytics

Another feature of Salesforce CRM is Einstein Analytics. It is a condition for unlocking information related to the services provided by the company and for monitoring sales.

Einstein Analytics also provides a way to connect users to the company’s marketing cloud service. In addition, it activates the display of sensitive data on the dashboard for exploitation by the company’s agents.

The Trailhead

Trailhead is a feature that optimizes the management of cloud CRM. With this option, it is possible to study the preferences of the users. This assessment is used to provide quality services to meet their expectations.

The Trailhead provided by Salesforce CRM is of paramount importance to businesses. Through its targeting, it can record messages, emails and agendas of customers to allow the company to better appreciate them.

Track Management

Another useful feature of Salesforce CRM software is lead management. It facilitates the collection of data and their update following a well-defined chronology. This is necessary for the planning of activities in relation to the updated contacts.

Lead management makes it easy to study all marketing practices related to the services provided to customers. It is about observing what motivates each customer to buy products and the process in place to ensure the success of the company’s offering.

Access to data

The designers of Salesforce CRM have thought about users by implementing data access. This feature allows them (each customer) to view promotional information. Whether it’s programs, innovations, offers or meetings, the customer can access them wherever they are and whenever they want.

Commercial forecasting

Salesforce CRM also provides estimates against a company’s sales forecast. This feature provides information on leads and sales pipelines. This data facilitates the understanding of the financial health of a company.

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Using the chatbot: a way to boost a marketing campaign

The chatbot is a conversational marketing tool that allows to install a robotic messaging on a website. This approach makes customer service more dynamic through a special chat mode between the chatbot and the customer.

Chatbots are designed by specialized providers such as the company Botnation. This structure has developed the “Botnation chatbot”, a very effective software to boost businesses.

The goal of the chatbot is to accompany the customer as a customer service representative by offering the company’s services. Moreover, the chatbot allows the company to develop a loyalty relationship with each customer. In reality, the conversational robot manages service offers and product sales to customers.

How does a chatbot work?

The chatbot’s operation is based on the following steps:

  • Rigorous tracking of all interactions with a client;
  • attribution and performance estimation of leads;
  • automation of sales processes;
  • marketing in automation mode;
  • Evaluation of analytical and reporting skills.

These strategic functions of the chatbot allow companies to optimize the relationship with customers. This helps them to make big profits through the sale of products.

How to connect Salesforce CRM to a chatbot?

In project management, connecting a CRM software to a chatbot is an exceptional technique that more and more companies are using. This is because it provides 100% assurance of the success of marketing projects.

To pair Salesforce CRM with a chatbot, marketing professionals use tools like Zapier and Webhook.

The value of combining Salesforce CRM with a chatbot

Using Salesforce CRM offers several benefits to businesses. These privileges stem from the efficiency of the tool’s features.

The first advantage of using Salesforce CRM is the centralization of data. This software allows you to gather information from prospects and use it to build customer loyalty.

Another benefit of Salesforce CRM software is the increased productivity of advertising and promotional campaigns. This allows us to optimize our relationship with our customers.

The use of this CRM software also allows for better interaction with each user. The result of this is an increase in the visibility of the company and an improvement in its turnover.

All in all, Salesforce CRM is very beneficial for the smooth running of a company’s business operations.

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