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Integrating a chatbot into your website dramatically improves its UX. And as we all know, optimizing theuser experience has many virtues for your company! Better natural referencing and greater customer engagement are just two examples. Including UX in your marketing strategy is essential if your brand is to thrive. Conversational AI is a wonderful tool for achieving this. But how can you maximize UX improvements with your chatbot? Here are our tips!

Customize your chatbot to get the best UX possible

Give your chatbot a name and create a pleasant avatar to give it a friendly identity

Choosing a small name for your brand’s artificial intelligence is a strategic asset. It should reflect your company’s image while being easy to remember. The emotional bond created by this storytelling and personification is an excellent way of building customer loyalty and enhancing your brand image.

The chatbot’s avatar visually represents this identity. It improves interactions between the conversational robot and consumers. Its image can take many forms:

  • Icon
  • Illustration
  • Humanoid representation.

The design of your conversational bot depends on the tone and objectives of your business. Consistency between the chatbot’s name, avatar and mission provides an excellent user experience that can delight your prospects and customers!

Provide the option of contacting a competent human being as a last resort

Despite the chatbot’s vast capabilities to respond precisely and in natural language to the needs of web users, it is necessary to anticipate more specific needs. Offering readers the possibility of contacting a competent human if they so desire demonstrates the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction. This option reassures users, while still allowing you to automate many tasks using your conversational robot.

Make chatbot use intuitive to improve your customers’ user experience

chatbot user experience

Provide clear buttons, such as a return to the chatbot’s home menu, and buttons for multiple-choice questions

The integration of buttons with precise instructions guides users through their interaction with the chatbot. This interaction design proposes expected actions frequently requested by web users. A return to the home menu, for example, enables users to redirect their path in the event of confusion or the need to change subject. This feature offers a more controlled user experience.

It is therefore very useful to guide the user as much as possible by offering choices with clickable buttons related to frequent questions and problems (package tracking, contact, making an appointment, shipping costs…).

To simplify the UX, the conversational bot can propose interactive choices predefined by frequent requests. Let’s take two examples:

  • A user is looking for tracking information for his parcel
  • A consumer wants to make an appointment with a contact person.

In both cases, pre-established options can be presented to the web user to enhance the ergonomics of the web interface. These choices direct him to specific answers and reduce his waiting time. Your after-sales service is automated.

Ask the user to rate the exchange at the end of the conversation, and ask what to improve in the event of a poor rating.

At the end of the conversation between the virtual assistant and the user, soliciting feedback from the user is a marketing strategy you can’t do without. This evaluation enables the company to gather valuable information for improving its chatbot.

If the rating is poor, it’s a good idea to allow the user to specify what could be improved. The consumer feels listened to, and the company acts accordingly to improve the UX of its interface. These user tests are invaluable for your company.

A better user experience allows your brand to be associated with positive values. A personalized chatbot enhances your site’s UX. Internet users remember the satisfaction they felt when talking to your virtual assistant. A successful customer experience could improve LTV.

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