Chatbot comparison: Botnation versus other chatbots on the market

Chatbot comparison

Several of these companies are now offering chatbots for businesses on the market. These conversational agents differ from each other in their functionalities and in the conditions of use set by the providers who offer them. While some are free, others are not. For these and other reasons, most users of these tools are more concerned about conversational agents. However, Botnation differs from other chatbots on the market through its features.

Botnation chatbots programmed to perform multiple tasks

Speaking of “chatbot comparison”, the most important aspect to think about is probably the one related to the functionalities of these web software. Since this is where the usefulness of the conversational agent lies.

To this end, there are two different types of conversational agents. We have:

  • the chatbot programmed for a precise mission and ;
  • the multitasking chatbot.

The former can only perform one task at a time. As an example, you have the press messenger bots that send responses to customers in a limited way. As for the second type of chatbot, it has the ability to handle several things in succession or simultaneously. This is the case of the E-commerce chatbot integrated into the websites of sales companies. They are able to present products, manage orders and even provide customer service. The price of the bot varies according to these characteristics.

Chatbots and artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

The web chatbot is a software that works like a computer program. In order to function, it must be equipped with artificial intelligence. For this, the autonomy, the functionalities and even the interactivity of the chatbot are determined by these technologies.

When the software is based on weak artificial intelligence, the bot is limited to sending responses and messages to customers and users. Even if it is possible to integrate some technologies to this type of robots, the level of autonomy will always be basic. On the other hand, when the artificial intelligence is strong, the chatbot will be more efficient. This is the case of Botnation messenger bots. Users are generally more comfortable with an online chatbot (conversational agent) since it is able to provide answers based on the customer’s needs.

In addition, conversational agents also work with the natural language processing technique NLP. It should be noted that not all web bots are developed with this technology. The same goes for Machine Learning techniques and chatbot libraries.

Chatbots and interfaces

If the chat bot has become an indispensable software, it is not only because of the service it offers. Apart from sending responses to customers, this conversational agent will also play an important role in your marketing strategy.

Indeed, the chatbot must be able to guarantee the customer’s comfort on the company’s web page. For this, online sales companies are implementing conversational agents with absolutely magnetic interfaces. Customers are not only attracted by the content of the service that the company offers, but also by the visual aspect of the website.

For this purpose, the chatbots of the Botnation platform are equipped with ergonomic, comfortable and entertaining interfaces.

Free chatbots and paid chatbots

Once again, price is at the center of the criteria for finding the best conversational agent. For this purpose, there are two categories of automatic conversation tools: the paid bot and the free bot.

It should be remembered that the lack of price is a factor that plays a big role in this choice.

Botnation is one of the few platforms that offers both formulas. A freemium version is available, integrating a number of features. A paid version is also available. It allows you to make the best use of the tool’s power and to customize it further for greater compatibility with your web interface.

Botnation chatbots are programmed on several languages

To satisfy their customers and make profits on operations, companies need to ensure effective and continuous communication with their service users. Since the customer can come from anywhere, it is important to take steps to address language barriers. Unfortunately, not all web bots are programmed to offer their service in more than one language. It is important to distinguish between a bilingual or multilingual chat bot and a chatbot that is only able to conduct a conversation in one language. Botnation has the advantage of offering a conversational agent available in several languages.

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