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Conversational commerce is a marketing technique that includes interactions with the customer via messaging, in particular via conversational technologies such as chatbots. Also known as conversational bot, it enables a company to instantly connect with its customers via AI, while freeing teams from this burden. A chatbot can hold personalized conversations with each Internet user who requests it. Theshopping experience on a site that practices conversational commerce is better. Are you considering this solution for your e-commerce site? We’ll tell you why it’s a great idea!

Definition of conversational commerce

Conversational commerce is a concept that exploits technological advances, in particular NLP-based artificial intelligence. A tailor-made robot creates fluid, relevant dialogues with a company’s customers. It aims to create natural interactions.

The aim of conversational commerce is to deliver an exceptional customer experience . Chatbots are capable of understanding natural language, interpreting requests, and answering customer questions accurately and quickly. This interactive approach provides 24/7 accessibility. It goes far beyond traditional marketing services! It’s a great way to stand out from the competition.

Conversational bots are transforming the way sales transactions and customer support are approached. The consumer experience is more personalized, instantaneous and efficient. He has fond memories of the brand after his purchase.

Conversational commerce is the future of online marketing. In fact, over 70% of consumers expect to interact with a chatbot as part of a purchasing process. Still doubting whether you should create your own?

Benefits of conversational commerce

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Conversational commerce brings benefits to both sides of the business equation:

  • Greater efficiency for companies by freeing up staff time
  • An improved user experience for customers, thanks to the chatbot’s proper configuration and the speed of exchanges.

On the business side,task automation is the major advantage of conversational commerce. Chatbots handle routine queries efficiently, at any time of the day or night. This 24/7 availability means constant and immediate customer support, which boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Personalization is another key advantage of conversational commerce. By analyzing customer data, chatbots can offer relevant recommendations to each customer. Answers are tailored to individual needs. Customer commitment and loyalty are amplified! More leads.

For consumers, the benefits are just as significant. The speed of responses provided by virtual assistants contributes to instant problem resolution. The user experience is enhanced. Multi-channel availability gives consumers the freedom to choose their preferred communication platform. The brand is present wherever he is. It’s a comfort for him, so why would he go elsewhere?

Successful conversational commerce

The success of conversational commerce depends on several elements:

  • Digital marketing strategy
  • The technology used
  • Understanding our customers’ needs and responding accordingly.

Choosing the right communication channel is crucial. Understanding where your customers are and what networks they prefer is essential to establishing an effective presence. The chatbot can be integrated into instant messaging, social networks like Facebook, Messenger and Instagram, or its website.

Tailoring conversations to customer preferences and behaviors helps create a more engaging conversational experience. Virtual assistants evolve with the changing needs of a brand’s target audience. It’s a constant process of analyzing past interactions and adjusting responses and algorithms.

Evaluating the effectiveness of conversational commerce enables us to make appropriate adjustments. To achieve this, it is recommended to monitor performance indicators (KPIs) such as :

  • The resolution rate
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Engagement rate.

People are at the heart of this equation. Although chatbots are powerful tools, they can’t totally replace human interaction. Used at the right moment, they strengthen the emotional bond with the customer. Blending AI and humans is always a winning strategy for successful conversational commerce!

When integrated into an overall marketing strategy, conversational commerce offers a whole new customer experience. The brand strengthens its market position and sets itself apart from its competitors.

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