What is the best Instagram chatbot? Comparative

When using the social network Instagram for business purposes, we are often overwhelmed by client posts. Hence the value of using an Instagram chatbot. However, with the large number of chatbots available on the web, it is not always easy to find the right tool. Find the best Instagram chatbot here.

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program developed to converse with users through a messaging platform or application. Most of the time, it is presented in the form of a dialogue or an animated character. It is important to know that the Instagram chatbot should be regularly checked and updated.

The chatbot’s function is to provide answers to the questions of Internet users. This action is done automatically without human intervention.

We can mention 2 types of chatbot:

  • Chatbot whose program intervenes within a well-defined framework: the answers generally come from a database and are intended for recurring questions (delivery times for example).
  • Chatbot using artificial intelligence whose answers can evolve over time.

In these two situations, the human performs the development, programming, parameterization or performance monitoring.

Botnation, the best Instagram chatbot?

Botnation is a chatbot for professionals. It is now considered by many as the best platform for creating chatbots for voice and text messaging applications. For professionals on Instagram, it’s the perfect conversation bot for companies.

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With this tool, you won’t need any technical experience to design your bot. In addition, you can take advantage of several significant benefits thanks to the various features they offer:

  • Purchasing Management ;
  • Data Analysis;
  • Accessibility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • Import and export of data;
  • Customization;
  • Multilingual and multiplatform program;
  • Data collection and analysis, etc.

Botnation is easy to use and fun to learn. You don’t need to be a developer to design complex chatbots with variables, game implementation, etc. It does not require any technical skills. In addition, this tool also allows for teamwork. With this tool, you can actually invite others to edit a chatbot. This is ideal for group work on a project.

One of the first assets that makes this tool the best chatbot creation platform is that it is easy to link it to other tools you already use thanks to its plugins and connectors. In addition, it facilitates the monitoring and management of performance.

Botnation is nowadays a very popular tool for many companies.

Other Instagram chatbots

In addition to Botnation, there are also several fairly successful chatbots on the web. So here are the top Instagram chatbots for this social network.


Chatfuel is one of the easiest programs to use on the web. It offers users the opportunity to improve the communication feature of the Instagram account. This will increase the conversion rate in the long term during your communication campaigns.

You can enjoy several features for online discussions on the social network. This program is intended primarily for people who do not have special computer skills. It allows you to avoid intermediaries (salesmen, teleoperators…) to promote your brand.

In a short amount of time, you can set up an Instagram chatbot that will allow you to automate interactions with users. In addition, you can take advantage of the artificial intelligence of the Chatfuel software. It allows you to personalize the messages you send.

This chatbot is a tool that facilitates communication with customers. It can adapt to their different requirements thanks to AI.


It is one of the references in chatbot on social networks such as Instagram. Companies ask ManyChat for its automatic and immediate response capacity.

By choosing ManyChat, you can focus on other tasks instead of chatting with people. The main objective of the tool is indeed to respond to messages from all your contacts. A real asset when you don’t have the opportunity to respond yourself.

The tool will also provide you with other practical aids such asexpanding your audience. ManyChat can indeed give proposals on the targets you can choose and which can be sensitive.

With keywords, you can propose several answers. You just have to customize them to fit your audience.

As for the fee for the tool, it varies depending on your number of Instagram followers.

Mobile Monkey

MobileMonkey is the first OmniChat tool on the web. It allows companies to interact in real time with their users. In fact, it is one of the Instagram chatbots that is quite famous on this platform.

With MobileMonkey, you can take advantage of features like the cross-platform chatbot generator. The latter allows you to reuse chat marketing content regardless of the chat platform.

You can also use a merged chat inbox that makes it easy to manage all conversations (inbound and outbound) in a single space.

Finally, you can use an automation and integration toolkit. This allows you to improve your marketing communications.

Tidio Live chat

This is the Instagram chatbot to use if you want to get automated Instagram accounts and improve sales. This tool is not only a good customer service software, but also a stable sales operator.

The Tidio chatbot offers you several features to generate more sales. Indeed, this software accompanies the Internet users when they place orders or when they face problems (shipping for example). This is a good choice if you are doing business on the social network Instagram.

It offers several pre-built templates to design custom conversations and a pre-defined live chat to interact with customers.

Tidio is a good software for marketing and it is also equipped with other interesting options such as the response to missed conversations (automatic responses). It also gives you information about what the customer is doing. Whether it’s leaving the conversation or wanting to have more information with humans.

Finally, several solutions for creating chatbots exist. However, Botnation remains the best solution and a safe choice for creating an effective and highly efficient Instagram chatbot.

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