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A decade ago, the digital world and online businesses were banking on Python-based chatbots. Thanks to AI, artificial intelligence, these robots could communicate and converse in human language. All players in the Internet world use this method to improve their customer experience and boost their web marketing strategy. With social networks, sculpins are opening up to other new opportunities. To learn more, find out in this article how to create an Instagram chatbot with Python, an action that is considered to be easy.

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Let’s define what a chatbot is

The chatbot is the ideal conversation tool to create an effective customer relationship. Nowadays, many platforms offer this bot software to boost digital marketing within a company.

Since the creation of the first chatbot in 1966, this conversation tool is based on AI to work with natural language. The algorithm can generate an auditory or text conversation to answer common questions in online transfers or transactions.

The chatbot is the best web tool to handle a conversation in natural language. In the digital world, there are two main variants of chatbots, those based on rules and others on self-learning.

  • Conversations on a rule-based chatbot are based on predetermined propositions. Indeed, the answers will be predefined. The questions are common and sometimes the rules can be quite simple or ultra-advanced. So, this type of chatbot is limited in terms of responses to handle non-routine or difficult queries.
  • The self-learning chatbot is a robot with an AI that learns by itself and evolves with its online experiences. The conversation tool will acquire other data based on behavior and context. Self-learning can be retrieval or generative, like the Instagram chatbot with Python.

What is a chatbot in Python?

Thanks to the digital development, today, chatbots are generated by artificial intelligence which is more and more powerful. Natural Language Processing, NLP, is used to understand text or voice questions and evolves based on data, behavior and experience.

This type of chatbot can be found on the biggest platforms like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana. These giants of the digital world use a chatbot in Python.

Note that the Python-based conversation tool is a programming of the information provided by the user. The robot then calculates this data with a more advanced AI algorithm, in order to provide the appropriate responses (vocal or textual).

Since the analysis extends to the behavior and experience with the users. The chatbot in Python can provide a wide range of responses, regardless of the queries and instructions.

The performance of a conversation robot with Python has conquered the digital scene for a better customer-brand interaction. According to Gartner, chatbots will dominate all online services and offerings by up to 85% over the next few years.

The chatbot with Python is one of the most popular in the web world and among online businesses. The performance of this programming language offers a better option for interactive conversations with users.

Creating an Instagram chatbot with Python

Many e-commerce players and online businesses are using an Instagram chatbot with Python to gain likes. With this tool, they manage to reach a large number of audiences.

Attracting new subscribers and followers has become a breeze with a bot using Python.

The Instagram sculpin

To gain more followers and likes, some are very active on the platform. Between publication and comments, they seduce more and more people. The Instagram chatbot works the same way. It analyzes and comments according to your criteria.

So the results you expect depend on the criteria you propose. This allows you to target the panel of folklore that interests you. Interacting with these people depends mainly on your content.

To boost your account and reach a good number of followers, you need to enter the browser automation. Do it in the following way:

  • Integrate your credentials into the server.
  • Define settings on which profiles to follow, which comments to include and the message style.
  • Then your chatbot displays a browser that will identify your data and apply it.

Finally, you need to create the initial version of your Instagram bot that will be connected to your account by default.

Create an Instagram bot with Python on Selenium

Know that Selenium is the InstaPy tool it uses under the hood. To proceed with the creation of your chatbot, first install Selenium, then Firefox Webdriver. This includes the use of the Firefox browser.

To create a Python file, start by writing the following codes:

  • The first lines import the sleepet webdriver.
  • Line 4 initializes the Firefox driver and then on browser.

Once executed, the code directs you to the Instagram interface, after 5 seconds, the page closes instantly.

Now you can add the code that will connect to your Instagram account. But you need to set up your profile connection mode; here’s how to do it:

Go to, then enter your credentials to be logged in.

Then, you need to change the code to create a login line on the Instagram page.

When you’ve run the script, it goes into action and directs you to Instagram. Then click on the login link to be connected.

Then, you must modify the code to find the elements of your identification.

Once the code has been scripted, you are on your Instagram account. To find publications and comments that interest you, you keep writing the same scripts. As you scroll through your feed, simply press the “like” button by CSS.

You can also add an Instagram chatbot with Python on InstaPy. This tool offers many features to set your data and sort the comments and publications that match you. It can supervise quotas, manage the interface on your browser and the use of AI for all publications.

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