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CRM sage is a flagship software used for customer management and sales development. Like this one, the chatbot is a tool increasingly used to improve the customer experience. The complementarity between these two programs optimizes the management of marketing and sales campaigns. To achieve your goals, you must successfully connect the Sage CRM and the chatbot that meets your needs. In this sense, the connection techniques are diverse. Discover the importance of the connection between a chatbot and the Sage CRM software.

Sage CRM: what is it?

Sage CRM is a customer relationship management tool. It enables sales and marketing teams to improve their online sales process and community management. Like all CRM software, Sage CRM helps to boost sales and make customer management more flexible.

The functionalities offered by the crm software make it possible to avoid repeating certain actions manually. Moreover, with the data collected within Sage CRM, it is easy to identify the needs of each customer and to propose an adapted service.

In addition, this CRM software features a fluid design that is easy to understand and customize. The various tables at his disposal allow him to structure the data and make in-depth analyses. You will be able to offer a personalized service to each customer, because you have a full view of the contacts in your database.

Management is done in real time, as customer information is stored in the cloud. Given this parameter, the different affiliated teams (marketing and sales) can collaborate in the right way. The entire management of your company will be improved and the return on investment (ROI) is optimal.

What is a chatbot?

The chatbot is a conversational robot or an automatic messenger. In reality, when a client sends a message to the bot, the latter automatically analyzes the request and proposes an adapted answer. The latest generation of artificial intelligence-based software such as those from Botnation use very natural languages in conversations.

Thus, the chat bot will be able to provide information and satisfy customer requests. It is therefore one of the essential tools for a product sales company that wants to perform in the digital age.

Why connect Sage CRM to a chatbot?

Through chatbots, artificial intelligence is put at the service of digital marketing and sales. Indeed, they help to improve the exchanges between the company and the customers. Like the Sage CRM software, the chatbot generates data and associating it with a CRM improves customer management.

For example, when a customer needs information such as price or availability of a product, he sends a message. The bot refers to the data stored in the Sage CRM and provides the appropriate response.

Manual tasks and responses are eliminated at this level and the customer service burden is reduced. It is only involved in complex issues related to the company’s services or products.

This is a real time saver for the company, but also for the customer. Indeed, the latter receives a personalized and automatic message during the whole journey, and this 24/7.

This is a great advantage for customer loyalty and after-sales service optimization. In addition, you have a view on the satisfaction indicators and can improve the services offered. However, the productivity of Sage CRM software lies in the choice of the bot. In reality, the chatbot must correspond to the needs of the company.

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What is special about Botnation?

Botnation is a tool that allows you to design a bot without coding. This platform helps to set up a conversational agent on the company’s website, on Facebook and on other customer relationship management tools. It has proven its effectiveness for voice chatbots. Moreover, they are available in French and in several other languages.

For customer information, Botnation chatbots do not only take into account the keyword. An in-depth analysis of the context and the information provided by the user is carried out.

Moreover, chatbots are easy to customize. Therefore, a person who has no programming knowledge can design his bot quite easily. In case of difficulties, it is even possible to ask for help to find a solution.

This platform offers among others: form chatbots, answering machine chatbots, lead collection chatbots, satisfaction survey and opinion chatbots, and finally assistance bots during an online purchase.

How to set up Sage CRM with a Botnation chatbot?

The connection between the conversational robot and a CRM software is done with various tools. The one between the chatbot and the Sage CRM can be done through the Zapier software or through the Integromat connector. These two tools make it possible to facilitate the transfer of information between the Sage CRM and the Botnation chatbot.

To do this, consider installing and activating the Zapier plugin on your tool’s dashboard. You can then select the variables to export, create the zap and finish the configuration at Zapier. As for Integromat, it can be associated with a wide variety of applications. All you have to do is create the CRM integrations.

Apart from these two tools, you can make the CRM and bot connection by activating the Webhook function.

All these connectors allow for easy data export and import between the CRM and the chatbot. You will be able to make a better analysis of the data that is received: emails, phone messages, etc. The Botnation team is also very open to help you with any problems you may have with the virtual assistants.

All in all, Sage CRM software is a tool that can gain in performance with a good chatbot. With this software, it is easy to reconcile time savings and improved customer service. So choose one of the connectors mentioned above and make the settings. This will allow you to improve customer management and, in turn, your services.

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