Botnation, a digital conversion tool: Claire Prieto’s testimony

Testimony Botnation Claire Prieto

We have known Claire Prieto since she started her digital consulting business 2 years ago. A social worker by training and profession, she reconverted professionally into digital, and more precisely into the construction of chatbots. The Botnation platform allowed him to learn about chatbots (the discovery mode is free) before launching and offering his services to local clients. Since then, she has multiplied her projects, given trainings at the Wagon (Marseille) and mastered all the subtleties of chatbots! Claire tells us today about her experience.

Introduce yourself and your company

I started my business in 2018. After 15 years as a social worker, I trained in web development to specialize in the creation of chatbots

What were your issues before launching your chatbots?

Many entrepreneurs get worn out by repeating the same thing to each new client. I thought a chatbot could make it simple to introduce the business to customers and offload the contractors in terms of time. It is about presenting their activity, the spirit of the brand, etc.

It is a tool that is easy to use, simpler and faster than a website to find the information you need. It provides a pleasant experience for the customer because it is always available.

How did you come to the conclusion that a chatbot would meet these needs?

Moreover, today, on the Botnation platform, site or not site, Facebook or not Facebook, you can have a chatbot with the Chatbotnation option that offers a URL (and hosting, editor’s note)!

This is a huge plus for me as I work with people whose only visibility on the web is a Google My Business profile.

Why did you choose the Botnation solution?

I tried different free and known platforms before Botnation. It was not satisfactory. I was not getting any answers to my questions. I was at a dead end.

With Botnation, I find in my interaction with the team the essential values, namely working with a team in a very good understanding, in a great proximity, in the respect of each one! I almost feel like family 🙂

A very pedagogical and benevolent side

How many questions have I asked since I’ve been on Botnation?

Thousands and thousands and to each one, I got a complete, detailed, quick answer. I also use the potential of Botnation’s documentation which allows me to increase my skills.

A democratization of the chatbot

My passion for chatbots has led me to present short videos on LinkedIn (more than 100) about chatbots in all types of universes (e-commerce, art, tech, social, cultural, leisure, sports, transportation, etc.) This gives me a 360° view on chatbots and their potential.

I’ve helped entrepreneurs create their own chatbots and many of them have found Botnation to be a simple and effective tool.

An incredible availability!

Whatever the time, whatever the moment, I have always had someone to talk to in the most urgent moments and that is very precious.


I have kept my social fiber and I accompany young people who have dropped out of school in their quest for integration through digital technology. I build with these young people CVBot, a CV in the form of a chatbot. Botnation had the incredible generosity to offer me a dedicated account for this support. This allows me to do a very interesting work of discovery of the digital world with the young people.

How do you build your clients’ chatbots? What is the creative process?

I work from my client’s needs. We define together what kind of chatbot is suitable for him (messenger, on a site, Chatbotnation, etc.)

Most of the time we use Chatbotnation, as my clients have little visibility on Facebook and no website.

This allows you to make your chatbot known thanks to Google My Business, but also why not in the signature of your emails, or during a first contact with a customer.

Then we define the main lines of the conversational tree, the part of artificial intelligence and I propose a first version that we improve.

Together, we rework the design, the text, the rhythm of the chatbot to make the conversation as pleasant and fluid as possible.

Once the chatbot is complete and easy to use, we put a first version online which we then improve.

Once the chatbot is created, entrepreneurs are able to make changes and updates to their chatbot as they wish in autonomy. I accompany them in this handling of the Botnation platform.

I also help companies improve the conversational design of existing chatbots. I use the Botnation platform to render my work. This allows the client to visualize the rendering of my work.

Were you able to measure results?

The results are visible quite quickly! I created my last chatbots by putting them online on a Google My Business profile, an interface widely used by my clients. I see a constant increase in the number of users, so it does meet a need!

Would you have some advice for a company that also wants to launch a chatbot?

I would say, create a chatbot that encourages discussion and allows customers to find the right information at the right time. The most important thing seems to me to be that the chatbot allows a fluid conversation without any conversational deadlock. The tone is also very important: the chatbot must reflect the values, the universe of the brand to differentiate it from other companies.

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