Digital customer experience: definition, tools and levers

More and more, companies are turning todigital customer experience to create a difference with the competition. This is understandable since consumer habits have evolved with the strong digitalization of the world. So what should we understand about the digital customer experience? What are the tools and indicators to integrate for a good digital customer experience in companies? Here is a guide to understanding the digital customer experience and moving towards customer satisfaction.

Understanding the digital customer experience and its challenges

The digital customer experience must be a priority for companies that want to compete in the market. It presents many challenges for the company. Indeed, it is the guarantee to improve the online customer relationship within the company. This implies the use of digital tools. The chatbot is an example to be mentioned on this list. Besides this instant messaging system, the voicebot is a reference tool. It allows you to redirect customers by phone and get customer feedback.

Talking about the digital customer experience is then to evoke an efficient way by which the company can improve its customer relationship, and this, with the least possible waste of time. This is a marketing strategy that usually pays off when it is followed rigorously.

How important is the digital customer experience?

For greater competitiveness in the professional market, companies are relying more on digitalization tools. This is what gives the digital customer experience its full scope. For example, there are digital tools through which the company can collect customer reviews of the sales experiences they have had with the company. You then have several reliable data to build your marketing policy in an efficient way.

Using digital customer experience also allows the company to easily identify the needs of each customer and therefore, to personalize its offer accordingly. Clearly, the digital customer experience is a means of differentiating the company. This allows the customer to enjoy a smoother and faster shopping experience. The quality of service is improved and the customer relationship is also strengthened.

From prospecting to customer success, digital support will benefit both parties. The company will be able to carry out with the customer, a quality communication, and this, on several channels (e-mail, telephone, messaging…). In other words, the customer experience and the level of personalization of the relationship between the two parties are elements that will depend on the digital media used by the company.

Furthermore, it should be noted that numerous studies have proven that consumers of goods and services in companies are generally more inclined to self-service. Integrating modern digital tools into the buying process of your company’s customers is a necessity. We are talking about the marketing concept of self-care which has been very popular for more than a decade.

To be precise, self-care allows the customer to enjoy autonomy throughout the purchasing process and even afterwards. In the company’s ecosystem, he will be able to carry out the tasks he wants to do since means and data are made available to him. On a website, for example, the use of chatbot, callbot and several other tools, will be relevant for the communication within the company. Thinking about the digital customer experience means feeding the appetite of a company’s customers for self-care.

By definition, the digital customer experience also involves the hegemony of online shopping. It’s no secret that digital is now the most popular channel for consumers of goods and services to shop. This trend is not ready to stop as forecasts predict a greater attraction for this mode of purchase in the years to come.

To remain competitive, companies of this century must offer online sales services. Better yet, they need to develop an effective sales strategy to ensure their competitiveness. This requires the implementation of several sales channels in order to give digital commerce its full importance. The digital customer experience is therefore a key factor in consumer satisfaction and is a necessity.

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What are the tools to use for a good digital customer experience?

Good digital customer experience is based on conversational marketing. The implementation of this policy requires the use of certain tools necessary to build a remarkable digital journey.

Messaging is a reference tool to build a reference digital customer experience. Indeed, today’s customers need speed in service. They expect their needs to be met instantly. That’s why the conversational marketing strategy is appropriate. This allows the customer to interact with the company using multiple channels. Messaging, being part of the daily life of many people, it will be indicated for a satisfaction of your customers.

The term messaging is used to indicate the availability ofan instant messaging service on the company’s website or from a mobile application. Other messaging applications on social networks, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or iMessage, are also recommended.

The voicebot is also a reference tool for responsive customer service. The tool is even part of an omnichannel dynamic. This conversational agent is a bit like the chatbot with one difference. Here, it is the voice that is used instead of the text. This virtual conversational agent is powered by artificial intelligence.

You will also benefit from using a feedback tool to get an idea of your customers’ expectations in order to satisfy them. The people affected by your marketing strategies should normally give you feedback on their customer experience. For this, digital customer satisfaction surveys are recommended. These surveys are conducted on the basis of a questionnaire designed for this purpose. The questions and the way they are answered will depend on the company’s objectives. In any case, these are automated surveys to be conducted online.

Finally, there are customer satisfaction performance indicators that are indicated to measure the real reach of the digital customer experience in the enterprise.

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