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The way a company is managed has a huge influence on the productivity of its employees and on the turnover achieved. Indeed, for a company to grow and maintain good relations with its customers, it is essential that it is well managed. In order to guarantee this good management, managers sometimes use specialized software such as Pixel CRM. What is it really about? Is it possible to combine this tool with a chatbot? What are the advantages of connecting this solution with a chatbot? Find out the answers to all your questions in the rest of this article.

What is CRM software?

A CRM software is a tool used to improve the relationship between the company and each of its customers. To achieve this goal, the crm software exploits and analyzes a large amount of data. Depending on the company’s needs, these tools can also have other functionalities to perfect the management mode.

In fact, in addition to managing the relationship between the company and its customers, this software handles interactions with other players. This includes, for example, the company’s employees, suppliers and partners.

What is a chatbot in concrete terms?

Generally speaking, a chatbot is a robot capable of simulating a conversation with a human. To better explain what a bot is(chatbot definition), remember that it is a conversational robot that can hold a conversation with a human by text or audio. The latest chatbots are equipped with various technologies that help improve their performance.

This is the case of the Botnation chatbot. This conversational agent is in fact, created to meet the needs of all customers. As a result, it is equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and programs such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning and NLP.

What is the use of CRM software?

The usefulness of a CRM software depends mainly on the type of tool and the needs of the customers. Indeed, some tools are specially designed to meet a specific need. Sometimes the tool is reserved for a specific industry. Nevertheless, the basic functionality of the software is almost always present.

The main functionality of this type of software is to improve the relationship with each customer of the company. This requires the analysis of certain customer data, including the reviews collected by the ERP. Customer reviews provide insight into their views, suggestions and needs. This makes it easier to market a product that clearly meets their expectations.

Moreover, a specialized solution such as Pixel CRM offers multiple additional services. This includes, for example, the management of leads, EEC files and after-sales service interventions. This solution also makes prospecting easier.

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Why connect Pixel CRM with a chatbot?

There are many reasons why you might want to connect Pixel CRM with a chatbot. First of all, it should be remembered that the chatbot is a tool used by many companies to improve their marketing strategy. Therefore, associating this conversational agent with this type of tool can make it more efficient.

Indeed, thanks to the chatbot, it will be easier to collect customer reviews. With an Artificial Intelligence, the robot can analyze the questions and answers of its interlocutor (here the customer of the company). The information obtained can be used to determine his opinion on the services offered.

In addition, the chatbot can use the information in the company’s ERP database. They can help him/her to better understand the client and his/her needs. This would allow managers to make better decisions to meet customer expectations. In the same way, the chatbot can improve internal relations.

It can collect the opinions of customers, but also of employees and collaborators. With an ERP and an adapted CRM solution, managing the company becomes much easier. The conversational agent also helps automate certain tasks. It is very convenient to speed up the work and make the staff more productive.

It should also be recognized that a chatbot can be used to replace customer service. This tool is available at any time to answer customer questions using the information contained in the ERP. The answer is provided instantly and always remains very accurate. This helps to improve the user experience and maintain good customer relations.

How to connect Pixel CRM with a chatbot?

Connecting Pixel CRM to your Botnation chatbot is very simple. There are several ways to do this using different connectors. The latter are tools that allow a connection to be established between two applications. Here, it is a CRM and a chatbot. Botnation has some connectors in advance to make the connection easier. You can choose between Zapier, Integromat or a webhook.

With the latter tool, you can import or export data between the two computer systems. To do this, simply follow the different steps of the procedure. Depending on the solution you choose, you will need the URL of your CRM tool for a POST or GET request with Botnation.

You must ensure that the URL used is secure for the connection to be effective. If you have any difficulties, you can ask Botnation for help.

With Zapier, you should enable the feature on your interface first. Then choose the data to import or export and accept the invitation on Zapier. All that remains is to finish the configuration to complete the connection. This way, you can connect the conversational robot to all available applications.

In short, it is important to remember that connecting your chatbot to your CRM tool can be very beneficial. It is indeed a very simple way to improve the performance of one’s software and to automate tasks within the company. The collection of opinions as well as the analysis and exploitation of the collected information become much easier. The procedure for doing this is very simple. Just choose a connection tool and follow the different steps.

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