Why and how to connect Gmail to your chatbot?

Google and Gmail

The chatbot is a virtual conversation solution that needs no introduction. To be even more efficient, it can be connected to many communication applications such as Gmail. Discover through this article what is the interest of connecting your chatbot to Gmail and what is the process to do it.

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What is Gmail?


Gmail is the abbreviation of Google Mail which is an email application designed in 2004 by Google. It offers a virtual support in which it is possible to send and receive e-mails. It is used for personal, but also commercial and professional purposes. It is currently free and offers many features.

What is a chatbot?

The word chatbot is a contraction of the words chat (online conversation) and bot (robot). It is a software with artificial intelligence. It is programmed to chat in natural language with users of a website, or an email application such as Gmail.

What is the point of connecting a chatbot to Gmail?

Connecting the Google Mail application to a chatbot is interesting for many reasons. The main one is that connecting the chatbot to Google Mail allows you to provide better customer service to your product users or customers.

In fact, Google Mail is an application sometimes used by e-tailers to address the concerns of customers or users of a product. Therefore, it can be an important tool for a company’s customer service. However, when it is managed by an individual, there are often delays in responding to customer concerns, oversights, as well as no response at certain times.

These shortcomings are corrected when the Google Mail account is connected to a chatbot. The customer service is totally energized. Since the chatbot is based on artificial intelligence, it does not get tired, does not get stressed, and does not rest. It can then meet the demands of customers (service users) day and night and at any time.

All this contributes to improving the user experience of your customers. In addition to boosting customer service, the interest of chatbots for human resources is not negligible. By connecting it to Google Mail, the workload of human resources is reduced and this division of labor can make the company more efficient.


How to connect a chat bot to Google Mail?

To connect anartificial intelligence tool such as the chat bot to Google Mail and send emails to your customers from there, a range of solutions are available. This is where Botnation comes in. But first, what is Botnation?

Focus on Botnation

Botnation is a French platform that specializes in chatbot design and integration into a messaging application or website. It assists web companies in the development of a chat bot that meets their needs.

How to connect Google Mail and a chatbot with Botnation?

After creating your artificial intelligence web chat bot on Botnation, it is possible to connect Gmail to it:

  • To start, go to the settings of your chat bot
  • Then, set up the Google Mail extension on the parameters of your chat bot which was created on Botnation
  • To finish, click on the Google Mail icon in the design interface of your chat bot. It is then possible to send a message through Gmail from your chatbot

How to create chatbots on Botnation?

To create chatbots on this platform, you must first log in. To do this, simply go to the Botnation homepage and click on “Free Start-Login” in the menu that appears.

Next, you need to choose the email account you want to connect through from three options: email account, Facebook or directly with Google. Once you have made a choice, you must fill in a series of data to authenticate your account. You will then access a chatbot creation page, where a bot will guide you in creating your first chatbot.

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