Why and how to connect your chatbot with Pipedrive CRM?

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The chatbot and CRM Pipedrive are tools used by companies and websites to accomplish different tasks. Whether it is for the management of sales teams or customer service, the combination of these two tools could be a powerful weapon to improve the performance of companies.

What is Pipedrive CRM?

Pipedrive is undoubtedly one of the most effective CRM software for tracking the tasks and results of the sales team in a company. It is a management system that controls the sales pipeline during the marketing phases and can help improve your playbook (the playbook is a guide that helps salespeople in their efforts) for example.

Pipedrive’s performance in sales management is best seen in B2B marketing where it is faced with more complex situations. The software also collects a maximum amount of visitor data to help each (sales) team better understand the buying habits of customers.

The tool takes the form of a system of moving boxes that allows team members to observe each other’s results and to reorganize themselves. This way, each member is able to know his or her colleagues who are behind and can help them move forward.

What is a chatbot?

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A chatbot is a computer program designed to simulate a conversation with human users, especially on the Internet. The chatbot is a conversational robot designed to exchange messages with a human user.

Thanks to artificial intelligence and NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology, the chatbot is able to understand a user’s requests in human language and answer simple queries. It is an application that can be found on a company’s website, on a blog or on a social network.

Also, the chatbot is able to provide automatic responses to prospects and deliver useful information about the company.

What is the Botnation chatbot?

Botnation is a French platform that makes it possible to create chatbots easily for people without programming knowledge. Botnation’s chatbot can be integrated on a website as well as on a message or instant messaging platform. This conversational agent can be tailored to meet a specific service in your business and improve your leadbooster.

You can use Botnation’s chatbot to provide automated responses to prospects or collect leads with personalized forms. He is able to provide customer service or conduct satisfaction surveys through forms or by questioning customers.

This bot can manage the assistance to prospects, especially for an e-commerce service. The Botnation chatbot can also integrate different applications such as Mailchimp, Sendinblue, Gmail or Google Sheets.

What are the advantages of connecting Pipedrive CRM and Botnation?

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Connecting Pipedrive CRM and Botnation increases the capabilities of your chatbot by facilitating the transfer of data and information between the two tools. You can make them communicate in a bidirectional way to optimize their operation. Sharing the CRM software’s knowledge about the status of your sales will allow the chatbot to provide specific and more personalized responses to customers.

Also, a combination of the two systems will improve the performance of your teams. The chatbot, along with Pipedrive, will be able to provide better assistance to members by integrating information from CRM software.

How to make a Pipedrive CRM and Botnation connection?

The connection between Pipedrive CRM and Botnation is one of the most effective ways to optimize your sales process and leadbooster. The easiest and fastest way to do this is to use connectors. You can choose for Zappier for example.

It is a very popular tool for corporate websites. It is also possible to use the Webhook functionality of Botnation. The latter allows you to import and export information to different systems using the HTTP protocol.

To conclude, remember that the combination of Pipedrive CRM and Chatbot would facilitate a two-way exchange of information to improve results and increase business leads.

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