Why and how to connect Sendinblue to its chatbot?


To have a good visibility, companies use several marketing techniques. We have for example the creation of websites, online store, textual or visual content, the exploitation of referencing techniques (SEO and SEA), etc. They also usechatbots to make customer contacts more efficient. In addition to Artificial Intelligence and all the features applied to chatbots, it is now possible to associate Sendinblue with a chatbot. So we’ll see why and how to connect Sendinblue to its chatbot.

What is Sendinblue?


Sendinblue is a web-based tool designed to facilitate conversation or chat between customers and companies. This software is also a very important lever for the success of marketing strategies or campaigns of companies, whether they are large or just starting out.

It allows, in a more concrete way, to implement emailing campaigns, to automatically send messages (SMS), to maintain conversations and thus to better manage a virtual chat.

In terms of handling, this software is one of the most advanced tools. Of course, in order to use all the features of this software, it is important to use it regularly in your marketing strategy.

What is a chatbot?

The chatbot is a computer mechanism that is designed to manage the conversation (the chat between a customer and your website). It is a virtual assistant that provides live answers to your customers so that they feel like they are in a real conversation with a human. This data processing is possible both in written and audio form.

You have certainly already had a conversation with a chatbot while browsing the internet. A small window will open (usually at the bottom of the page), asking if you needhelp. It is precisely this tool that we call chat bot.

Why connect Sendinblue to a chatbot?

Sendinblue is the perfect tool to stay in constant contact with your customers. It optimizes your e-mailing campaign, whether you are a small, medium or large company.

Sendinblue is a complete marketing automation suite. It helps to create predefined scenarios that allow a company to send an email to any user who has registered their email on their website.

When the chatbot for a business is connected to Sendinblue, it can send messages to customers as many times as they log on to the website to make the business always present in their mind. In concrete terms, it has a simple operation.

All actions are based on customer requests. If the visitor is on a page of the platform, your web chatbot will send him a message about his previous requests on the website.

These emails are called scenarios or sequences because they are automatically predefined on the bot. These messages can be updated according to the new needs of the visitor. It is a powerful marketing strategy that allows to carry out actions capable of propelling the company’s results in terms of customer relations.

In addition, the use of chatbots has the advantage of allowing companies to process data more quickly. Response time is also significantly improved since most customer needs can be analyzed by the tool.

What is the procedure to connect Sendinblue to a Botnation chatbot?

send email

Botnation’s connection to Sendinblue ensures easy import of newsletters. It is also possible to connect additional data or information and integrate it into your campaigns. These include:

  • Names
  • First names
  • Phone numbers

The first step is to obtain its API key which will give Botnation the possibility to insert contacts from your Sendinblue lists. To do this, you need to log into your dashboard and go to the “SMTP and API” section.

This is where you need to copy and paste your API key. Be careful not to change the key. You should not add or remove anything, not even a space. Make sure that the key is in V3.

You will then have to add a number to identify your lists. Indeed, Botnation will need it to put your customers on the right contact list. To do so, click on the “contact” menu, then open the “lists” tab.

Then, take note of the number on the left of your list. At this point, there is nothing left to add from Sendinblue. The rest of the process must be done now with Botnation.

The connector is in the email tab of the Botnation chatbot. Then make a declaration of the attributes (ID number, API…) Sendinblue on Botnation. The synchronization will be done automatically.

In conclusion, if you want to automate the actions of your customer service, it is possible thanks to the connection between your chatbots and the Sendinblue software. Take care to install the main function you need to manage your service. In order to get additional information, you can always ask the Botnation chatbot for advice.

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