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Use of chatbot

Whether via social communication platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram or on websites or WordPress page, chatbots are bot software that can metamorphose a business on many levels. This is one of the innovations resulting from artificial intelligence. Today, the use of a chatbot in a company is particularly beneficial in the relationship with customers. Discover through this article why and how to use a chatbot.

What is a chatbot?

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Chatbot is composed of “chat”, an English word meaning conversation or discussion, and “bot”, meaning robot. In view of this composition, the definition of a chatbot could simply be the “robot that chats”. Indeed, technological and digital advances have allowed the creation of robotic software that can chat online like humans.

The chatbot is a computer program (programmed bot) that imitates or reproduces a human oral or written conversation in order to interact in an automated way with Internet users from a digital channel. This is one of the innovations that benefit companies for their quality of service.

Moreover, the chatbot offers many advantages to the companies that use it. This programmed bot can facilitate, for example, the relationship and communication with customers. When a customer is looking for information about the company’s products or services, the chatbot can provide the answers to his request.

Also, the use of this programmed bot in a company can be beneficial in the execution of certain tasks. The chatbot thus allows to improve the user experience with its ability to imitate the human being.

What are the different types of chatbots?

Now that you know the answer to the question “what is a chatbot?”, note that there are two categories. The first is conversational bots based on pre-programmed rules. These are chatbots with scenarios developed from common problems that the consumer or user can submit to the chatbot.

This can be for example the opening hours of your company, the price of your products or services, the terms of payment, etc. As a result, this type of chatbots is prepared to solve such concerns instantly. The customer can thus have automatic answers on a given question related to the company.

Intelligent or artificial intelligence (AI)-driven conversational bots represent the second type of chatbots. They rely on AI, specifically automatic natural language processing, to decipher the context and purpose of the conversation in order to provide satisfactory answers.

Chatbots such as Botnation, powered by artificial intelligence, can also analyze sentiment to pinpoint user emotions and learn about their behavior for more personalized conversations. The exchange experience with an intelligent chatbot will be similar to that with a human.

What is the interest of a chatbot and for what purpose?

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The popularity of chatbots is not insignificant. According to statistics on the use of this programmed bot, conversational agents have nearly 3 billion users per month on instant messaging applications. This represents a real opportunity for companies and the deployment of their digital strategy.

This year, the exchange rate between companies and customers via a virtual robot with artificial intelligence is expected to reach 85%. No matter what industry your company operates in, the chatbot gives it a new impetus especially in marketing or customer management.

Thus, the implementation of this programmed bot in a company is beneficial to improve the quality of service. As much as the quality of the customer experience is essential for customers, it is also essential for companies. But customer service can often fail when it is overwhelmed by phone calls and messages of all kinds.

The chatbot solves this problem. Even in the absence of your customer service experts or a community manager, it responds to all user expectations 24/7. It also impacts your after-sales service which becomes more reactive and dynamic. The answers are immediate and above all precise.

Having a chatbot in your company is an investment that you will pay off quite quickly, as it reduces the cost of customer service. In addition, this programmed bot allows customer relations agents to deploy their skills in other high value-added activities.

Tourism is one of the industries where conversational agents are widely used. Whether you are a travel agency, hotel or airline, integrating a chatbot into your social media or website will help increase your efficiency. From the conversational robot, the Internet user can make a reservation or cancel it, ask for the time dinner is served, the duration of a flight, etc.

Moreover, the chatbot is useful to perform real-time data analysis. Based on the conversations it has with users, the tool can store and process a significant amount of information. This allows your sales and marketing teams to categorize your database, a necessary step for the implementation of effective marketing campaigns.

The chatbot is a conversational marketing tool that allows customers to be closer to the company and this respectively. Like chatbots, callbots and voicebots are works of technology that can be used by customers or prospects.

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