3 examples of successful customer experience

Today, companies are faced with a major challenge: optimizing the customer experience. Indeed, it is the satisfaction of the customer which conditions the development of customer loyalty and thus, the increase of the company’s turnover. Investing in the improvement of the customer experience in a company is then presented as a reference marketing strategy whose benefits extend over the long term for the company. If you are planning to improve your company’s customer experience, it is important to use certain tools and refer to certain indicators. In this sense, you will benefit from learning from the experiences of companies that have already succeeded in this area. So to help you out, here’s a top 3 of companies that have been very successful in implementing customer experience.


A company’s customer experience takes into account the entire customer journey. This corresponds to an accompaniment at each stage of the customer’s journey in the company’s ecosystem. In addition, a successful customer experience must be based on solid communication (active and passive). Nevertheless, it is important to focus on the use of digital communication channels in order to optimize the customer experience in companies. In this sense, one of the most recommended tools is the chatbot. Better still, the Botnation chatbot is a conversational agent par excellence that automates messaging discussions between the company and the customer.

These details are something Netflix understands and has incorporated into its customer experience policy. So it’s fitting that Netflix, the creative industry giant with more than 200 million subscribers worldwide, should top this ranking. In addition to the basic indicators that make it possible to judge the quality of a customer experience in a company, Netflix focuses its policy on personalizing its customer service.

The company takes into account the customer’s browsing history and real interests to make a content proposal. As a result, the chances of customer satisfaction are greater. To meet this need for customer satisfaction, Netflix offers a variety of categories for viewing content. Whether you’re more into movies or TV series, documentaries, comedy or action movies, Netflix has everything in place to optimize your customer experience.

The variety of options offered by Netflix also takes into account, the Netflix Games for more entertainment. Better yet, customers are not bothered by the ads and this contributes to the many positive reviews left by customers on chat platforms about the company.

Netflix’s service is also based on selfcare. Indeed, self-service puts the customer at the heart of the action, leading him at each step of his navigation on the site. The recommendations are made by the platform, but it is the client himself who decides what is appropriate, taking into account his objectives and his need for satisfaction.


While Netflix stands out for its successful and personalized customer experience, Amazon is also a reference in the industry. Qualified as the leader in e-commerce, Amazon has done everything in its power to ensure that Internet users enjoy a successful customer experience on its site.

To build trust with the customer, Amazon has provided a fairly simplified refund system. Therefore, it is possible for the customer to return a product after purchase when satisfaction is not met. For this pathway, the process is simple and self-service oriented.

For online purchases, Amazon also rewards customers through the “Prime” premium program. Here, the delivery of products is faster for purchases of a certain annual amount. The strength of this online sales company also comes from the consideration of customer reviews. Amazon plans to conduct customer satisfaction surveys for each of its offerings. For these surveys, a questionnaire is usually posted online with a rating-based response mode. Thus, a product with a 5-star score is considered “good” and reassures other customers of the brand. This is a great example of a successful customer experience.

If your company also aspires to make the buying journey easier for customers, the online reviews strategy is highly recommended. It is a marketing process that encourages the most people to purchase a company’s products and services.

Amazon is also planning product filters by price and customer satisfaction score. It is a way to personalize the offer according to the budget and the needs of the client. Like Netflix, Amazon also plans an algorithm based on the customer’s previous purchases on the site. Regardless, Amazon is an example of a successful customer experience.



Starbucks is a company that also stands out for its successful customer experience. As with the other companies featured, the customer experience here is personalized. This is why the customer is invited to enter his name when he places an order on the site. It is an excellent way to personalize and humanize the customer relationship.

To optimize the experience, Starbucks employees also focus on providing warm and personalized support throughout the purchase process and beyond. Interactions with clients are based on good humor and this goes beyond the simple framework of virtual accompaniment.

Starbucks also focuses on the customer’s reward policy to provide a truly unique experience. For example, the client is entitled to a free beverage on their birthday. Within the physical setting, there are several other elements that are provided to ensure that the customer has a good time at the Starbucks location. The seasonality of some of the company’s offerings also receives positive reviews from customers.

Finally, remember that these companies are examples of successful customer experiences because they have been able to customize their offerings based on customer needs. The use of digital tools such as chatbots and callbots are also assets used by major brands.

Amandine Carpentier

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