What exactly is a chatbot used for? Examples of use

What is the purpose of a chatbot

In today’s era, to optimize the customer experience of the users of their services, online business owners resort to numerous software and chat programs. Among these is the chatbot which is a software whose interest seems to remain unnoticed by many companies. Find out here what a chatbot is used for in business.

Chatbot: what is its definition?

The chatbot is a concept that remains until now misunderstood by many people, and even web business managers who are its main targets. The question “what is a chatbot” comes up again and again and tortures the mind of many.

As technical as it may seem, the concept of a chatbot is simple to define. In fact, by definition, a chatbot is anartificial intelligence tool programmed to hold a conversation with its user in a non-coded and natural language. Also known as a conversational agent, the chatbot can be attached to a company’s website, an application, or a messaging system.

What uses can a chatbot be put to?

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Chatbots are artificial intelligence programs that can have many uses. Some examples are given in the sections below. Do not hesitate to read them.

The chatbot to improve the customer service of a company

A chatbot is by definition anartificial intelligence platform capable of carrying on a conversation with its user. It can be used as a support for the customer service of a company. In fact, the chatbot can respond to user requests for your services automatically, regardless of the day and time. Therefore, they will not have to call the customer service number, or leave emails before getting answers to their basic concerns. This greatly improves the user experience of your services and boosts customer service.

The chatbot to develop a close relationship with your customers

A chat bot also allows an online service provider to develop a close relationship with the users of its service, i.e. its customers. In fact, a close relationship develops through repeated interactions. That said, when a chat bot repeatedly holds conversations with a company’s customers, they eventually become familiar with it and indirectly with the company. A relationship of proximity and trust develops gradually and customer loyalty is natural.

The chatbot to collect the opinions of your customers

Usually, business owners create artificial intelligence programs such as chatbots in order to respond only to their customers’ requests. However, chatbots can be used more actively. Indeed, instead of just using your chatbots to answer questions from users of your services, you can also use them to meet them and collect their opinions on your services. This will allow you to improve the quality of your services, and to make the customer feel important and that his opinions count. All of this will help build customer loyalty.

The chatbot to facilitate the sale of your products

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When we limit ourselves to its definition, we think that the chat bot only allows to give answers to the user about an article. However, it could also allow the sale of products. Indeed, chatbots offer you the possibility to receive orders directly, without buyers having to call or write to you. Better yet, they can integrate various payment solutions and thus give the customer the possibility to validate his order.

The chatbot to promote a product

The chatbot is a medium that can help you promote your products. In fact, this is done through a communication channel. The chatbot being one of those which exist currently and very used by the Internet users, you can program it so that it makes known your products.

How to design a conversational agent?

The design of a chat bot can be done through various platforms. For example, the Botnation. The creation of a conversational agent on the latter is quick and easy. And best of all, you don’t need to have any web development skills to do it successfully. And if you encounter any difficulties, it offers the perfect assistant to provide you with answers and training that you can take as needed.

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