Essential innovations in customer experience

Today, it is impossible to talk about marketing strategy in companies without referring to the customer experience. Indeed, any sustainable company or brand must rely on a strong CX (customer experience) program and a customer-centric approach. We talk about the customer centric approach. Better yet, technological innovations have revolutionized the concept of customer experience in companies with new strategies that are as innovative as the others. Consumer reviews will be positive overall. So, if you want to build an impactful marketing strategy for your company, there are requirements to consider. They will allow you to adapt to the new forms of customer experience driven by digitalization.

What do we need to understand about the customer experience?

In business, the customer experience (CX) is the set of sensations of the consumer of a good or a service in the company. This feeling is measured throughout the customer’s buying journey (before the sale, during the sale and after). The quality of the customer experience will determine the consumer’s opinion of the good or service that the company provides.

It is important to note that the customer experience does not only take into account the feeling related to the product or service offered by the company or the brand. Several other elements are also involved in this process. For example, the affective dimension, i.e. the close relationship that the company has created with the customer during the acquisition process.

It is this last feeling, which is not necessarily rational, that will determine the consumer’s commitment over time. That’s why many companies rely on well-targeted strategies to cultivate this customer engagement. Among others, the use of a conversational agent is highly recommended here. Specifically, the chatbot is an excellent innovation in terms of customer experience.

Innovations in customer experience: new challenges for the company

Talking about a good customer experience in a company means referring to the marketing strategy in place. Ideally, it should be customer-centric: that is, focused on the customer and his needs. The implementation of such a strategy is a major challenge for the company in that it guarantees customer satisfaction and loyalty.

As a result, the company’s turnover will be higher and its reputation will be enhanced. The most important thing is to achieve a positive overall opinion of the company by the customer before, during and after the acquisition of the property.

As a rule, customer satisfaction is the key to a company’s viability. In addition, notices are instantaneous, especially when there is dissatisfaction. It is therefore to your brand’s advantage to set up a good customer experience.

Moreover, tastes and needs are generally evolving. It will therefore be necessary to adapt to it in order to keep the clientele over the long term. This is where the major trends in the evolution of the customer experience must be considered. While technological innovations influence customer acquisition behaviors, they also have an effect on the customer experience.

This marketing area is now based on modern channels to reach a larger number of people. Social networks and media are increasingly used by modern companies to better conceptualize the customer experience.

Innovations in customer experience: a standardization of the concept

To develop a good customer experience in a company, it used to be necessary to carry out a segmentation to meet the expectations of the greatest number of customers. This is understandable, since customer behaviors and expectations differ according to the realities of each environment. Today, thanks to digitalization, this limit no longer exists.

The means of communication are instantaneous and are used everywhere in the world. That said, all clients have access to the same information at the same time. We talk about globalization of information and it contributes to a certain standardization of lifestyles and customer expectations.

With innovations in customer experience, it is no longer appropriate to conduct local market research. You do not have to create a physical address to offer your services and goods to customers. E-commerce has grown and the entire customer experience is built around virtual service.

To achieve true customer satisfaction and positive feedback from their acquisition journey, it is recommended to prioritize self-care. Provide the customer with digital tools that can accompany them and allow them to make their own choices throughout the purchasing process. Interaction with the company’s human collaborators will only take place in certain specific cases.

Telephone and customer experience

Innovations in customer experience: omnichannel

Thanks to digital innovations, the customer experience has become omnichannel. In the past, customers were solicited by companies through several channels, both physical (flyers, posters, etc.) and virtual (e-mail, website, etc.). As a result, company information presented on these channels was not always consistent.

The risk is that the customer gets lost in the acquisition process and gets discouraged before completing the acquisition. A dissatisfied customer is a loss for the company. This represents a financial loss, but also a drop in reputation. Note that a negative review left by a customer about the company can discourage many other prospects who would have made the acquisition decision.

The omnichannel nature of the customer experience in a company solves this problem of information disparity. A bit like cross-channel marketing, omnichannel makes all the communication channels used by the company complementary. That said, the data for each client is listed and integrated into the servers. This will allow us to offer the customer a personalized experience even before the beginning of their acquisition process and during the process.

It is thanks to this innovation in the digital marketing sector that a customer can now order a product online, pay online, but have the purchase delivered to a physical point of sale.

Amandine Carpentier

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