Programmatic marketing: definition and examples

Programmatic marketing is an advertising technique that is becoming more and more successful. This technique consists of acquiring advertising space in real time, on the web or in other media, through automated bids. Programmatic marketing allows advertisers to display more targeted and relevant ads, using data to reach the ideal audience. In this text, we will define what programmatic marketing is and present concrete examples of its use.

What is programmatic marketing?

Programmatic marketing is an automated digital ad buying technique that uses real-time bidding to place ads on websites, mobile apps or other digital media. This method allows advertisers to buy ad impressions in real time, based on data such as users’ browsing history, shopping habits and online behavior.

Advertisers can use targeting tools and data to determine the audience they want to reach and bid on ad spaces in real time to display relevant ads. At the same time, website publishers can use programmatic marketing platforms to maximize advertising revenue by auctioning off their ad space.

How programmatic marketing works

Programmatic marketing works through demand-side platforms (DSPs) that allow advertisers to bid simultaneously on advertising space. DSPs are tools that allow advertisers to perfect the management and optimization of their advertising campaigns. They use algorithms to bid on ad impressions in real time, based on audience and website data.

Programmatic marketing similarly uses real-time bidding to determine the cost of ad impressions. Simultaneous auctions operate in real time, with auctions taking place in milliseconds. Advertisers bid on ad impressions based on their value to their ad campaign.

Benefits of programmatic marketing

Programmatic marketing offers many benefits to advertisers, including targeting and optimization of ad campaigns. Advertisers can target specific audiences using data such as browsing history, shopping habits and online behavior. They can also use optimization tools to adjust their advertising campaigns.

Programmatic marketing also offers greater transparency for advertisers, who can track the performance of their campaigns. They can see which websites their ads are running on and how each ad impression is performing, always in real time.

Examples of programmatic marketing

Programmatic marketing can be used for different types of ads, including display ads, video ads, mobile ads and native ads. For example, this technique can be used for :

  • Amazon Advertising, one of the proofs of the success of programmatic marketing. Amazon uses data such as purchase history, search habits and online behavior to display relevant ads to its potential buyers. Advertisers can bid in real time on advertising space on Amazon and other websites to reach a specific audience.
  • Real-Time Bidding (RTB) is another programmatic marketing method. Real-time bidding allows advertisers to buy ad impressions simultaneously based on the audience and location of the ad impression. Programmatic ad campaigns can also be used for video ads. Advertisers can bid on video ads in real time, depending on the audience they want to reach. Real-time bidding allows advertisers to maximize the impact of their video ads by displaying ads relevant to their audience.

Ultimately, programmatic marketing is an innovative and effective method for advertisers and website publishers looking to maximize their digital advertising presence. Nevertheless, it is above all necessary to understand the advantages and limitations of this method and to work with trusted partners to maximize the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

The benefits of using a chatbot when launching programmatic marketing

Using Chatbot to launch programmatic marketing

The chatbot is a software agent or conversational agent that can offer many advantages for the development of programmatic marketing, due to the fact that:

The conversational software agent is available 24/7

The chatbot is a serverless platform that can run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This allows us to answer customer questions at any time, even outside office hours. This is an important asset since potential customers will be able to be received in real time during their first interaction with the ads, thus increasing their conversion rate.

A chatbot reduces the cost of launching a campaign

The chatbot software agent can help reduce the costs associated with hiring and training staff to respond to customer requests. They can also manage multiple conversations at once, optimizing company resources.

The platform automates processes

With the conversational agent chatbot, it can be programmed to perform repetitive tasks that can be time-consuming, such as gathering customer information, sending targeted marketing messages and qualifying prospects. Most processes can be automated, allowing the advertiser to focus on other tasks and further increase the conversion rate.

A chatbot greatly improves the customer experience

The chatbot can provide a personalized customer experience by using customer data to provide relevant and tailored responses to their needs. Indeed, the conversational agent can ensure the optimization of the customer experience and this simultaneously with several customers at the same time. Customers will be in good hands with the conversational agent chatbot.

Increase conversion rates with a chatbot

The chatbot can help guide customers through the buying process by answering their questions and offering product recommendations, which can help increase conversion rates. By combining marketing automation with conversational agents, you will be able to quickly increase your conversion rate and get as many customers as possible on your website.

Programmatic marketing tools continue to evolve, offering new opportunities for advertisers and website publishers. New advertising formats such as native and live-streaming ads are becoming increasingly popular, offering new ways to reach target audiences. As the digital advertising market continues to grow, programmatic marketing will become an increasingly important part of the digital advertising strategy for advertisers and website publishers.

Amandine Carpentier

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