Emailing campaign: steps to success

emailing campaign

An e-mailing campaign is part of a marketing strategy used by many companies for its numerous advantages. It is about sending personalized emails to a maximum of people contained in a database. In addition to using a chatbot, it is an essential technique that allows you to reach the maximum number of people with a minimum financial investment. We tell you everything about this type of electronic campaign. Email marketing exists in many forms and allows you to target the desired audience.

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What is the purpose of an email campaign?

E-mailing is a very popular computer tool in digital marketing. It allows to transmit a message or an idea to a maximum of people. Its purpose varies according to the company’s needs. There are several types of email marketing suitable for each purpose, including:

  • Newsletter ;
  • Prospecting email;
  • Promotional email;
  • Loyalty email;
  • Transaction email;
  • Email reminder.

The newsletter is used for information purposes, it is sent at a regular frequency (weekly, monthly) to maintain a link with the customer. The objective of the prospecting email is to acquire a new clientele by reaching a maximum of new targets. Promotions help boost sales by offering attractive discounts or offers to both retain old customers and target new ones. the loyalty email is intended for former customers to boost the company’s sales. As for the transactional email, it includes customer information such as orders, shipping or delivery.

What are the advantages of an emailing campaign?

E-mailing is a practice that is becoming more and more widespread and it keeps getting better. The advantages of this one are numerous, we quote:

  • Speed;
  • Facility;
  • Cost;
  • Customization;
  • Targeting.

An email campaign is quick and easy to implement and design, its cost is unbeatable compared to other marketing strategies, it is estimated to be 70% cheaper than other marketing mediums. The mailing is simultaneous and it is possible to target the desired clientele by choosing the right database. It is an effective communication medium that saves time and reaches the customer without intermediaries. Another important point is the interaction it creates between the customer and the sender, the customer has the possibility to interact directly via this email. The option to automate its campaign is an additional asset in its panoply. The mailing is however victim of its success, it is a tool very used which has for consequence to over-solicit the customer with the quantity of mails received by various companies, the attention of the customer is diffuse and he is less receptive to these emailing campaigns.

Which techniques to succeed in an emailing campaign?

The medium of the campaign, which is the email, must be creative and innovative to attract the attention of the recipient . For that it is important to follow a strategy of conception and realization as well as to remain in the constant development of new techniques. The e-mailing is built in several steps:

  • Creation;
  • Targeting;
  • Shipping;
  • Analysis.

This analysis is done thanks to several indicators such as the opening rate of the email, the number of visits to the site. These indicators can inform about the quality and success of the e-mailing campaign. One of the most important aspects of email marketing is the quality of the database used. The recipients must be well targeted, so it will be easier for you to personalize the campaign and reach these categories. The choice of a good emailing software is important, it must be adapted to the needs of the campaign and allow to avoid sending the email in spam.

Linking your Chatbot to your Newsletter and Emailing solution

If you use a chatbot on your website or on instant messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp, you should know that there are free connectors on Botnation that allow you to transmit to Mailchimp, Sendinblue or any other emailing solution the leads and subscribers collected by your chatbot.

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How to make an emailing : what steps to follow ?

E-mailing is one of the most powerful means used to improve its sales on the Internet, or to pass on important information. It is a very practical method adopted by many companies and individuals, thanks to the various advantages it brings. So how do you do an e-mailing? What are the different advantages of e-mailing? To learn more about this method, click here.

Why do an e-mailing?

Doing an e-mailing is a powerful and efficient way to improve your services and promote your products. Here is what you need to know about its different assets:

Very interesting costs

The first advantage of e-mailing is its very low cost at the time of its conception and at the time of its sending, it has besides the lowest cost compared to the other supports. E-mailing allows you to personalize the emails you want to send in an automatic way.

Mastering your target

E-mailing allows you to control all your recipients, especially their profile when you build your database. Indeed, we can specify the demographic, geographic and even behavioral criteria of its recipients. And so its audience is targeted.

Quick and easy to use

The e-mailing can be used in a very simple and fast way, especially it can have files, documents, images or others. Most importantly, it makes the message more effective.

A very high return

By sending e-mailings, we generally have very high returns, and even very fast. E-mailing is a medium that allows the recipient to respond with a single click and to access all the necessary information.

E-mailing is interactive

The return of the e-mailing generally has a high rate that varies between 5 and %..

How to make an e-mailing according to your needs?

To make an e-mailing, it is necessary to go through the following steps:

First, you have to set your goals which can be :

  • Improve your sales;
  • Become more visible;
  • Get more contacts;
  • Gaining market share.

Once you have set your objective, you must prepare the message to be sent, which must be effective and must contain all the information and details necessary. To do this, it is important to know the profile of your target audience and to take into account their requirements, in order to send an effective e-mailing.

Then, it is necessary to send an e-mailing that contains the name of the sender, the subject, the pre-header, and the time of sending. These details will make the recipient want to read the e-mailing, and even respond to it. It is also necessary to produce a text with a clear and relevant content.

Finally, in order to succeed with your e-mailing, since you can undoubtedly get soaked at the beginning, it is advisable to analyze each time all your e-mailings sent based on the performance indicators.

Why should I continue to do e-mailing?

Digital marketing includes a large number of highly relevant tools and media that bring many benefits to entrepreneurs. Thus, E-mailing is a little neglected, although it is the best way to gain more contacts and customers, and thus improve your business.

Indeed, according to a study conducted, it was found that 95.3% of companies use e-mailing as a communication tool, and 91% use websites, and finally 73.4% opt for social networks. This explains why e-mailing is adopted by several companies and is very successful, especially in France.

The most important thing is to create an efficient and effective e-mailing by respecting all the imposed practices, in order to obtain more customers and thus increase its turnover and allow its company to evolve.

As you can see, conversational marketing is a whole and emailing is an excellent complement to your chatbot, especially when they communicate together on the exchange of data on the information and preferences of your prospects and customers.

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Amandine Carpentier