Marketing on social networks: how does it work?

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Social networks started to appear since the 2000s. Today, everyone has at least one account on a social network such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

This intensive use of social networks offers new opportunities to companies that have, today, a real digital presence. Thanks to this, we notice that new disciplines are appearing, such as Social Media Marketing, which opens many new positions as well. In this article, you will discover everything about marketing on social networks.

The definition of social network marketing

The definition of marketing on social networks is rather simple, it is all the marketing actions that a brand or company undertakes on social networks. However, it is important to know that it is not just about applying classic marketing techniques.

Indeed, marketing on social networks includes many areas of action:

  • Community management: this involves animating and managing the various social networks of the brand where real communities are created and also managing the messaging on the networks;
  • Paid advertising: this involves promoting and highlighting the various products and/or services of the brand using targeted paid advertising on social networks;
  • content creation: content can be in different forms, it can be videos, photos, podcasts, etc. The format depends on the social network on which it is published;
  • Influence marketing: generally, influential people from the web are called upon to promote the company’s various services or products.

The use of social networks in social media marketing

Many social networks are used in the development of a digital strategy.

It is important to know that each social network has a particular use and a publication format that is specific to it. We will now look at the most popular social networks used in Social Media Marketing.

Social media marketing on Facebook

This social network allows you to create a company page and even a group where you can gather people interested in your products or services.

Facebook is also perfect for strategic monitoring and seeing the state of your e-reputation. It is also possible to run paid advertisements on this social network and to automate customer relations by setting up a chatbot on Messenger, Facebook’s instant messenger.

Social media marketing on Instagram

This social network is very popular among people under 35. On Instagram, it is possible to post different photos of your products, so you can present your brand in its best light. A chatbot for Instagram can also be deployed very easily.

Note that on Instagram, the color harmony as well as the quality of the photos must be impeccable.

Social network marketing on Linked-in

Linked-in is a professional social network that is used as a trombinoscope. This social network is perfect for companies with a B to B strategy and looking to expand their network.

Be sure to always produce quality content on this social network, especially if you want to connect with other businesses.

Social network marketing on TikTok

TikTok has a bad reputation among people over 25, it is often perceived as a social network without interest for teenagers.

However, TikTok can, perfectly, be used by companies. This social network is ideal if you want to get more visibility, especially if you are creative.

What are the benefits of social network marketing?

Social Media Marketing has many advantages, which is why almost all companies have integrated a visibility strategy on social networks. Here are some of the benefits of marketing on social networks:

  • strengthening the digital presence of a company;
  • Expanding the audience and improving audience segmentation;
  • Customer loyalty and credibility gains;
  • Easier interaction with customers and obtaining information that will allow you to know them better;
  • improving brand image and e-reputation;
  • increase traffic to your website or online store;
  • free promotion of products and services;
  • the possibility of carrying out targeted paid advertising campaigns.

It is important to note that social networks offer your customers the opportunity to express themselves, so it is possible that you will receive some negative reviews. However, these are necessary in order for you to improve.

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