What is the metaverse and how does it work?

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The biggest companies in the world are starting to move into the virtual world because of its economic potential. Indeed, before long, the metaverse will definitely replace the web world. What is metavers and how does it work?

Metaverse: What is it?

Metaverse is a term used to designate environments that constitute a virtual world in which users of this technology can communicate and interact with each other via the Internet. It is a virtual or digital space, made similar to the real world through the use of a VR (Virtual Reality) headset or the use of augmented reality or AR.

The term metaverse is also used by video game fans as a game world that is similar to the real world. The participants and the players can interact with other members of the network to do activities that are close to real-life experiences. Regarding the technology that can be used in this virtual world, developers have recently tried to implement a blockchain to facilitate transactions and exploration. Indeed, with the help of this technology, users can buy virtual plots of land in the metaverse world by making the payment via cryptocurrencies.

To get an idea of what exactly a metaverse is, let’s take a look at those books and movies that take place entirely in a virtual world. Through these works, it is quite difficult to distinguish the real world from the virtual world. However, this is still science fiction because the metaverse is actually a world that is more like an RPG video game than real life.

Why can the metaverse become a thriving market?

The metaverse is a technology that is considered to be the next revolution in the Internet world. And the immersion experience for users will be even more advanced. For web searches, interacting directly with other people in a virtual world could be possible.

It must be admitted that the internet already allows online interactions via social networking platforms, websites and blogs using browser software or messaging applications. On the other hand, with the metavers project, online virtual spaces and environments will be created to offer users a multidimensional experience. A platform that would allow them to be totally immersed in the digital content instead of viewing and experiencing the information. This is the case with searches on different browsers like Google.

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Indeed, several large companies began investing in the metaverse during the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of the pandemic, many people have started to work online, to pursue their studies at a distance. That’s why the growing number of internet users has allowed the developer of the metavers project to think that it is quite possible to create a virtual world to create and enable online interactions.

The world of metavers will completely change the concept of online businesses as it allows users to interact directly with the seller. The metaverse being considered as an extension of the real world due to the similarity of the activities.

The chatbot in the metaverse: a new way to communicate!

Chatbots are increasingly present in virtual worlds, especially in the Metaverse. Chatbots allow users to communicate with other Metaverse members, provide information and offer assistance. Chatbots are a new way of communicating in the Metaverse, and they are increasingly used by users of this virtual universe.

Chatbots can therefore help users connect and interact with others in the Metaverse. They can offer help and assistance to users, as well as information and advice. Chatbots can also help users find and join groups and communities in the Metaverse.

Who are the actors behind the Metavers project?

As the metaverse is going to be a huge platform and a virtual world where interaction as in reality will be made possible, several large companies and investors already see an attractive and promising future in it . It is a project that can bring in a substantial amount of money. By the way, here are some companies and visionaries who think the metaverse would be a great innovation:

  • The head of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, made a statement saying that Facebook will be among the companies that will migrate into the virtual metaverse in the next 5 years;
  • Microsoft is also thinking of converging to the virtual world of metavers in a few years and plans to focus the technology they will design in the near future based on this world.

Among the video games that are considered to be of the metaverse genre, we have :

  • Fortnite by Epic Games: a battle royale video game that allows you to play virtual concerts, which can be watched by players connected to the platform. This was the case with singer Ariana Grande’s show in September 2021;
  • The Roblox sandbox video game which is a virtual world where there are immersive ads and players who can interact with each other.

Finally, large companies are starting to prepare their migration to the virtual metaverse. To do this, they have already created virtual clothes that users can buy for their avatar.

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