What is the purpose of the metaverse?

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Internet will be considered as the main lever to start the metavers project. Indeed, the metaverse is like the multidimensional version of the Internet. Countless companies are even thinking of converging their business to this virtual universe. So, what is really the goal of the developers of the metaverse concept?

What is the purpose of designing the metaverse?

The metaverse project is a virtual world designed to bring users together as in real life, as they can meet and interact with each other. It is a virtual universe where users can use avatars that represent their personality and wishes. The metaverse project is a virtual version of real life except that you can do whatever you want. In this world, it is possible to do activities that we usually do in the real world such as skydiving or shopping for example.

The design of the metaverse aims to have a virtual universe where everyone can interact as in the real world. Thus, players will be able to make purchases or trade in this world. It adds prestige and value to this universe. The metaverse is even economically independent. Indeed, it is not uncommon for users of the platform to make trades (sales and purchases) using real money to trade in the metaverse.

What do we really know about the metaverse?

Based on science fiction, the metaverse project can be defined as a digital world that is a perfect copy of the real world. However, it is a universe that is closer to a video game world than to the real world. However, even if the metaverse universe is quite different from the real world, this does not prevent the fact that players of this kind of platform can perfect the replacement of real life features in the virtual environment. This implies that users can do activities that are normally done in the physical world inside the metaverse.

Metaverse concept

The designers of online video games (Fortnite, Roblox, etc.) have also started to turn the players’ experience towards the virtual world of the metaverse. Indeed, video games like Battle royale online or Fortnite allow virtual concerts or even movie projections that can be viewed by users who are connected in the game universe.

The metaverse represents the future of virtual online interaction, especially if Mark Zuckerberg’s company also converges on this digital world.

Chatbot in the metaverse

Chatbots are increasingly used in the virtual world, especially in the Metaverse. Chatbots can help users navigate the virtual world, find information and communicate with other users.

Chatbots are also used for marketing and advertising. They can help companies promote their products and services to Internet users. Chatbots are therefore very useful for companies, as they can help improve their communication with Internet users.

What change will the evolution of the metaverse bring about?

The conversion into the metaverse, whether on a social or economic level, can bring about a great revolution. Indeed, The big key players such as Facebook, Roblox and Microsoft are deeply involved in the design of this virtual universe, which will lead to great changes in the future. If we take the words of Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney, for example, the economy of the metaverse may be estimated to be worth billions of dollars in the near future since most of the business will take place there.

In the virtual world of the metaverse, it will be possible to :

  • Create a business as in the real world and do business by selling virtual items;
  • To discuss and do various activities with users from all over the world;
  • Buy virtual plots of land with real money.

Already with Metaverse games like Horizon Worlds, users are represented by avatars that can communicate with each other, using a microphone and a headset. Moreover, in the game, it is possible to hear the discussions of other users if you are next to them. This increasingly breaks the boundary between the real and virtual world.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of one of the world’s largest social networking companies, said he wants to bring Facebook into the virtual world with the help of the Metaverse project. With this concept, Facebook users will be able to interact directly with their friends using avatars. So the platform will turn into a virtual world where people can walk around and do activities.

One of the pillars of the metavers project is augmented reality or AR. Indeed, with this technology, users will be able to cook using VR headsets while having the necessary ingredients in their field of vision. The developers of the metaverse technology have the real goal to replace the digital world (internet) by the virtual world. Internet users will be able to interact directly in the digital world.

Amandine Carpentier

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