How to enter the metaverse?

enter metaverse

The world of metavers is considered by many to be the web 3.0 which is the evolution of the internet that we are currently using. Since most people have internet at home, convergence in the metaverse world will be all the easier. So, how does one go about entering the metaverse?

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The means to access the metaverse

The use of smart glasses (for augmented reality) or a virtual reality headset is necessary to move into the metaverse. The choice between these two devices will depend on the type of experience users want to have. The use of these devices allows players or users to fully immerse themselves in the virtual world of the metaverse. It will be possible to interact with friends, work colleagues, or to purchase a virtual good in the metaverse.

To do this, you need to get a virtual headset of the same kind as Facebook’s Oculus Quest. Among the cheaper ones is the Meta Quest 2, a VR headset created by the company Meta (formerly Facebook Inc.). This device will only serve as a portal to the virtual metaverse world, whether it be video games or a space to interact between users from all over. However, since it is the evolution of the web world, it is mandatory to be online and to use a powerful connection when interacting with the virtual world for the first time. In all, to optimize the experience and interaction in this virtual world, you need to:

  • Have a helmet that is compatible with the metaverse;
  • Have a smooth internet connection to optimize your movement in the virtual world;
  • Use a computer to complete the connection to the metaverse.

Create an avatar to browse the metaverse

Once you have entered the virtual world via an Oculus Quest VR headset, you must first create an avatar. Indeed, it is this avatar that will represent the users in the world of the metaverse and that will be used to navigate the virtual environment. It will depend on the metaverse world you are in, but in general, a sign will appear in your field of view. This panel consists of several settings and options to shape the avatar that will represent you in the digital world. You will be able to customize its appearance according to your taste or the way you would like to be seen in the metaverse.

Things you can do in the metaverse

The metaverse is considered by the giants of business and industry as a world of its own where they can establish themselves and launch their business. Since this virtual world is joined by a large number of users who discuss and do activities together by interacting with the metaverse environment, it is an opportunity for companies, especially those whose field is fashion business. Indeed, they will be able to create virtual clothes for players or users who want to customize the look of their avatar. And as for transactions, one can use real money or follow Blockchain technology to make purchases in the metaverse world.


The basic principle of the metaverse is to facilitate the interaction of users and players from all over the world. No matter where you are, you can be in contact with those who are connected.

As in reality, it is possible to organize events such as virtual games or concerts in the metaverse. There would even be companies that sit in the virtual world or users that sell virtual objects whose value is defined by the economy of the digital world where they are.

The chatbot in the metaverse: how does it work?

The chatbot can answer users’ questions, provide them with information and give them advice. The chatbot is also able to follow users as they move around the Metaverse and provide them with information about the different places they visit. The chatbot can also be configured to perform specific tasks, such as sending messages to users when they are near a specific location.

The chatbot is therefore an extremely powerful and useful tool for Metaverse users. It not only allows them to access useful information, but also provides them with practical features that help them in their navigation.

The different ways of exploring the metaverse

As for how to explore the metaverse, you can use your smartphone (Android or iOS) to browse the virtual environment. However, the user experience will be less since the immersion will not be complete. This is still an option to further explore this virtual world, but users will feel like they are in a classic open world game. This is quite frustrating for gamers who have already tasted the pleasure of Meta’s Oculus Quest virtual reality headset. Nevertheless, there are smartphones that are compatible with virtual reality technology.

To complete the immersion, players can install a Metaverse application on their smartphone. With the help of this application, which is composed of several metafunctions, the user will be able to enjoy a 3-dimensional metaverse world. In addition, there is no limit to the number of users that can be invited into this virtual world. To explore this universe using a smartphone, you have to go to the platform or website that offers the experience.

Although a smartphone is a great option for browsing the virtual environment of the metaverse, it ‘s best to use a computer that’s compatible with Meta’s Oculus Quest VR headset. You won’t be limited by battery life since the computer works while plugged into the mains. The exploration of the virtual world will be longer and more immersive with the virtual reality headset. Controlling your avatar will be easier since you will have a first person view instead of the third person view that a smartphone can offer.

Access to the metaverse world is easy. However, the immersion experience will depend greatly on the device you use.

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Amandine Carpentier