GPT Chat: the AI revolution in web content writing, a real competitor to Google?

Our world will never stop evolving, especially in terms of technology. Whether in France or anywhere else in the world, the exploitation of artificial intelligence (AI) has become a serious topic. Indeed, for a number of years, a whole team of professionals has developed many revolutionary programs showing the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in the professional world of the web.

In order to compete effectively with human writers in content and web article creation, OpenAI unveils the GPT chat to the general public. This new technology is the work of many scientists. How does this new tool for generating web content work? Let’s review the essential information.

GPT Chat: what you need to know

During 2019, scientists unveiled the most advanced artificial intelligence (AI) program, considered to be the first competitor to Google to date. Called “ChatGPT”, this program requires no human to write quality web articles and texts and to start a conversation. She is able to sustain a discussion on a variety of topics. ChatGPT was immediately met with skepticism and criticism from some social networks, media outlets, and web writing and chat companies.

The question that still remains is: how can Chat GPT generate a conversation as naturally as possible, unlike the Google web search tool? To answer this question, a professional web editor took the initiative to experiment with the platform’s performance. Given the writer’s 23 years of experience, starting a conversation with ChatGPT was easy for him. To complicate the test and conversation with OpenAI’s GPT Chat, the professional writer asked a multitude of questions, including topics such as:

  • Money;
  • Housing;
  • Education;
  • Telephone;
  • Rage.

Chat GPT responded with surprising accuracy and satisfaction, leading to the suspicion that its response was dictated by a human. However, after realizing that this was not the case, the ability of ChatGPT’s artificial intelligence to think has left many web companies speechless. ChatGPT artificial intelligence provides highly personalized responses through the use of GPT-3 technology, which gathers information about your conversation and creates intelligent responses accordingly.

Test performed on ChatGPT artificial intelligence

Many questions have been asked of artificial intelligence to further the ability of this new technology. ChatGPT is considered by some observers to be the current competitor of the web search engine Google. A state of affairs that tends to destabilize the web world, because according to some, ChatGPT provides much more accurate answers compared to Google. As evidence, here are some sample questions to support this claim.

Chat with ChatGPT

Can the government improve access to education for low-income populations?

The response from the ChatGPT artificial intelligence was very accurate with researched data and a complete analysis of the various options available. Chat GPT’s clinical understanding of the problems faced by low-income families, as well as its knowledge of policy measures that could provide a viable solution, is astounding.

In most conversations with ChatGPT, it should be noted that the answers are accurate. Indeed, the tool is open and honest. To probe the intelligence level of ChatGPT, the questions are more complex, as is the work to be done. For example:

  • Ask “if/then” questions;
  • Ask to compare different opinions;
  • Comment on the actions of others.

The answer provided by Chat GPT is simple and correct. GPT Chatbot is also open and willing to explore controversial topics.

What is AI’s opinion on companies’ exploitation of algorithms to manage recruitment?

In response, AI offers a highly critical analysis of the issue and highlights the shortcomings and risks associated with this method. What is surprising is to receive such a perspective from an AI.

Why is the modern telephone important?

It is worth mentioning that ChatGPT has a great ability to learn and adapt to different conversations and situations. When the question was asked, the answer came right away with a very comprehensive and interesting list of advantages and disadvantages related to the current operation of phones.

During this test with ChatGPT, there are a few points to note about the AI’s capabilities, namely:

  • To react quickly and intelligently to every query;
  • Provide consistent and relevant data.

It is clear that the artificial intelligence program is becoming more than just a virtual conversation, in addition to being an effective work accessory for generating articles and web content. This tool is generally designed for web SEO companies.

With this in mind, web companies are looking forward to further improvements on ChatGPT.

If current progress is a reliable indicator, then the future looks bright for artificial intelligence programs like ChatGPT.

Amandine Carpentier

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