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The chatbot or conversational agent is a computer tool that has been on the rise for several years. It is a web marketing solution that is now a must for any company worthy of the name. Offering a range of functionality that is substitutable for human service, the benefits of using chatbots for online business development are enormous. However, the creation of a bot can be conditioned to a certain number of expenses. If you want to know the monetary value of a conversational agent in 2022, you should know that several rates are currently applied on the market. These vary essentially according to the level of complexity of the tool used to promote the business-customer relationship.

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What is a chatbot?

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Before addressing the chapter related to the current pricing in terms of chatbot creation, it seems appropriate to present these tools. Indeed, the word ” chatbot ” is a truncation of the association of the words “chat” and “bot”. These stand for “conversation” and “robot” respectively. For this purpose, it is possible to define a chatbot as an automatic program capable of interacting from computer servers.

This invention, which is mainly based on artificial intelligence, is used as a medium to generate a conversation between the client (human) and a conversational agent (robot). The latter, through message exchanges, can respond to a user in a consistent manner. Therefore, the botmessenger participates in the optimization of the relationship between company and customer.

The cost of chatbots varies according to the technology used

Chatbots are offered at various costs on the market. This pricing is scalable or regressive depending on the level of complexity of the bot messenger. There are two main technologies used to design a chatbot: simple technology andartificial intelligence.

Simple chatbots

The simple chatbot is the most accessible type of chatbots to date. To create this kind of conversation tool, the agency uses only basic programming techniques. The development generally follows a typical pattern. Indeed, the basic chatbot is only programmed for certain recurring and easy tasks such as answering the customer’s questions, detecting the keywords contained in the information provided by the latter, etc. The communication is therefore very limited with this kind of chatbots. They are, therefore, the least expensive on the market.

Artificial intelligence chatbots

Still called intelligent bots, these robots are equipped with A.I. technology that allows them to process given information and understand it. This is the Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology. Conversational agents running on this A.I. medium have the ability to intelligently process messages sent online by the company’s customers and to respond to them autonomously. They are also designed to learn from their interactions with human users. The amount of tools that meet this level of development is obviously higher.

The cost of a chatbot: the different price ranges applied

Apart from the product’s functionality, several other factors can also influence the amount of money spent on creating a chatbot. For example, when you set up your conversation agent through a specialized agency, the cost of implementation may differ from the hourly rates of a freelancer.

Given all these variables that need to be considered, it is impossible to give a precise standard amount for a chatbot. However, it is possible to summarize the different rates applied on the market. Here are some indications of conversational agent cost ranges that can help you.

Low price brackets

The rates for this amount category are below 500 euros. It’s easier to get such generous pricing when clients use the services of a freelancer. This professional will only take you from 20 euros per hour for the installation of your web chat bot. Some conversation agent design platforms also offer affordable costs. Others go so far as to offer the customer the possibility to get a free chatbot online.

Average price ranges

According to the current market pricing information, the average cost of a chatbot is between 500 and 2,000 euros. If your budget allows you to get a standalone chat tool in this price range, you can opt for a chatbot program that meets your requirements with peace of mind. Since even if the services offered by the different solutions can play on the price, a budget of this value should allow you to benefit from a perfect chatbot.

High price brackets

The creation of a chatbot can cost more than 2,000 euros. With this amount of money, you have the opportunity to fully explore the possibilities of the robot cat before making such an investment. Taking the time to study the different features that the conversational agent offers is an excellent way to choose. In addition, this budget capacity also allows you to take advantage of subscription offers and a range of innovative features.

Is it possible to lower the cost of a chatbot?


You have certainly understood that designing a chatbot can sometimes cost a fortune. If you are wondering if it is possible to reduce the amount of these marketing solutions, the answer is yes. To do this, simply apply the tips below.

Create a chatbot with Botnation

Botnation I.A. is a company that needs no introduction. Using this chatbot creation platform is a choice that offers you several advantages, especially in terms of cost. In fact, Botnation I.A. offers free services. You can use this tool, not only to lower the expenses related to the acquisition of a chatbot, but also to avoid any unnecessary expenses.

Use a freelancer

Entrusting the realization of your chatbot to a freelancer can be particularly beneficial. Indeed, this type of professional does not charge you per chatbot created, but rather by the hour. Some freelancers apply daily rates. The other advantage of this task delegation is that it allows the chatbot to be equipped with advanced technologies. Since the freelancer is the best placed to know the most efficient platforms for the installation of conversational agents.

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